Updo hairstyles have always been considered to be formal hairstyles perfect for special occasions, but with the help of hairstylists and hairstyling products, new, more stylish and cool looking updos suitable for parties or other less formal occasions have been created.

Cool updo hairstyles are meant to attract attention towards the details of the hairstyles and create an individual look which enhances the facial features. This type of updo hairstyles differentiate themselves from the classic updo hairstyles through the way the hair is styled. More modern and stylish, cool updo hairstyles are not as elegant and as appropriate for formal occasions, this is why they are a bit special.

One of the best things about cool updo hairstyles is that they can be created on all hair types, from straight to curly. There are a variety of cool hairstyles to choose from depending on personal preference as the hair type is not as important when it comes to this type of hairstyling.

Quiffs and twists look absolutely lovely implemented into an updo no matter the hair type. Straight hairstyles emphasize indeed the hair’s details, but curly hairstyles look beautiful as well. This type of cool updo hairstyles have a certain vintage look which looks stupendous.

quiff updo twist updo

High volume cool updo hairstyles look unbelievably attractive and modern on both straight or curly hairstyles. The hair requires a little bit of teasing in order to receive the right amount of hair volume to create the desired style. Vintage high volume updos, curly top high volume updos look beautiful. Try to crimp a few hair strands or all the hair if you are looking for a more interesting look.

high hair crimped updo

Try to create different updo hairstyles as often as you wish as they look gorgeous. They offer your hair style and casualness at the same time. Cool updo hairstyles can offer you the versatility and the style you need, so don’t hesitate to give them a try.