Even the most cutting-edge, complex and flattering hairstyle can look dull if it’s not adequately kept up. While medium hairstyles typically require less attention to styling compared to shorter crops, if boredom sets in, there’s no doubt that it’s high time for a change. If losing length or experimenting with new tones is out of the question, relying on high quality styling products and tools remains the most reliable and simplest way to make a change without being prone to regrets afterwards.

Ranging from simple to relatively complex, textured hairstyles are really influenced by the haircut style and the level of styling skill of the person wanting the change. In terms of haircuts, heavily layered hairstyles are typically the ones that leave the most room for experimentation and creativity. Length is often important as well, even if not in the same manner as the chosen style. From adding volume to undergoing a complete texture change and everything in between, the possibilities are numerous.

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Adding extra definition to the existing haircut is one of the simplest and most subtle changes that can be made. Boosting hair volume with the help of a good blow-drying technique and a high quality hairspray or defining layers with the help of hair gel and/or hair wax are two techniques even those without a lot of time or hair styling skills can adopt right away. Perfection and precision are optional most of the time since a little imperfection makes everything look more natural and understated.

Texture combos are another simple and ultra-flattering choice that can be used successfully in a variety of circumstances. Those looking for a time saving option often choose styling only part of their hair differently and letting the texture contrast highlight certain facial features that might have not been clearly emphasized before. This trick can also be useful with challenging hair textures as it can make your tresses more easily manageable and more polished.

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Those who have an affinity towards messy hairstyles with an edgy touch should not be afraid to go beyond their comfort zone and create several focal points even if this might mean thinking outside of the box and downplaying the practical side of styling in favor of an attention grabbing style that expresses uniqueness. However, make sure to devote enough time to styling if you wish to go this route as getting the desired look typically takes longer compared to simpler hairstyles.

Another increasingly popular trend that might interest those who admire the great beauty role models of the past is the vintage style. If you decide to to revive the Old Hollywood glamor, make sure to pay attention to symmetry, perfect definition and carefully chosen focal points that bring out the best in your features. Amp up your seductiveness and increase your styling skills by going the extra mile and stepping out of your comfort zone once in a while and you might be surprised by the new things you can discover.

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