Now that the we can wave goodbye to the summer season it’s time to focus on the new season trends and revamping our look. A fantastic cut and/or color makeover is all that is necessary to maintain a fresh and fabulous look capable of making heads turn, so if you’re looking for a hair color that underlines your uniqueness and falls out of the ordinary, check out the following cool multi-chromatic hair color ideas for fall 2012 and draw inspiration for your new look.

The hair color trends are still focused on natural, simple hues such as blonde, brown, black and red, but that doesn’t mean that cool duo or multi-chromatic hair color ideas won’t work in your advantage this year. There are a myriad of fabulous vivacious pigments that can make the best out of your luscious locks regardless of your hair length, all you need to do is pick the perfect hues and application technique.

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Mixing and mashing various vivacious pigments can help achieve an edgy colored coiffure, so dare to explore the vast world of hair color hues and pick the ones that you feel most comfortable wearing. Even if the hue you choose isn’t in the latest trends, if it suits you and if you know how to wear it, you’ll look amazing. Color paneling, highlighting and then coloring the hair with the desired intense hue can give high-fashion, dramatic results, so choose to go past your inhibitions and bring out your inner trendsetter. Go for a color that is based on two tones for a softer approach to a contemporary hair color and work your way to a higher number of pigments if you want your hair to steal the spotlight everywhere you go.

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If you’re searching for stylish and ultra seductive hair color, a great option to take into consideration is ombre hair color. Choose to color the ends of your locks a different color, so that there is a fabulous transition from the roots to the ends of the hair. You can choose to go for natural hues or choose a bolder approach by adding green, blue, pink, purple or red pigments at the end of the hair. Keep in mind that if you have a dark hair color, you’ll have to lighten the hair prior to switching to a vibrant hair color as most pigments are not quite visible on dark colored hair.

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Since the revival of the Gothic style this fall 2012 season, hair colorists have gone overboard with their hair color combos as the goal is to go bolder than ever. Slabs of color applied on the hair to reveal a high-fashion look against a cool, natural hair color can be all you need to make traffic stop, so opt for cool red, yellow, turquoise, blue, purple or green chunks of color on your locks beautifully displayed to enhance your modern haircut. Go for a two tone hair color or mix various pigments on thick strands of hair as this way the effect will be more dramatic and the color much more intense. When choosing a multi-tonal hair color idea, it’s best to turn towards the help of a professional as only this way you’ll be able to achieve a look that will match the image you made of how you want to look. Plus the use of professional pigments cannot be compared to any other store bought color, so invest in a salon hair color as you’ll not regret it! Maintain the intensity of your hair color by using products and vials that are especially designed to protect the hair pigments from fading with each wash. A pretentious hair color will need maintenance, so make sure that you’re willing to take in the cons of such a hair color along with all the benefits!