Pair the right headwear with your ‘do and bring out the most of your unique fashion sense. These are some of the pro ideas on how to embrace the hat hair trend with art. In order to stay chic all throughout the winter months it would be wise to arm up with the cute hair styles that can be easily matched with the on trend headwear designs. Choose the best do that suits your features and helps you achieve either an edgy or romantic look. Depending on the tailoring of the hats be it sharp angled or smooth and soft all will scream for a well-defined do. Therefore make sure you upgrade your locks to the latest hair styling trends and use your creativity to make the best of your already smashing haircut. These are some of the dapper hats and the matching hairdos to experiment with during the upcoming season.

Beanie Hair Styles

The soft and comfy texture of beanies allow us to sport the most natural looks. Therefore if you decided to complement your do with a chic bangs designs make sure you don’t hide it under the hat. Instead set the hat back and make sure you either leave the locks to sweep your eyebrows or you can also sport a cute swept-to-the-side bangs look. On the other hand those who own a uniform layers or a bang free hairdo, can sport their locks wavy in a super-polished or on the contrary messy and grungy style. Choose one of the alternatives and more, you can also tie your locks into a cute updo and leave a few flyaway and relaxed tresses to peek out. In this case you can place the beanies wherever you wish to create the desired effect.

Trapper and Aviator Hats

It is a common misconception that these stylish headwear designs work only with long hair. Instead take a closer look at the examples above and you’ll notice that short hair looks just as fabulous if you have the must have accessory, the bangs. This tiny detail when flashed in the same ensemble with these cute hats will make a smashing style statement. Moreover midi haircuts will also look fabulous even in spite of the fact that some aviators might mask most of the do. Play up your feminine allure with these must try fashion trends and make sure you combine them with your polished haircut.

Fedora Hair Styles

One of the masculine-inspired chic accessories, the fedora will help you create a fabulous and flirty look. Play with the length of your hair and make sure you appeal to the various hair styling tricks to achieve a memorable visual effect. Those who have midi to long hair will have the chance to sport stylish curls and waves in order to make the look even more sensuous. In order to sport a low key and relaxed Boho chic do make sure you leave the tresses free flowing on your shoulder. More, you can also appeal to a fake Bob ‘do which encourage you to pin a few locks to the head and leave some strands in the front to make the actual statement. On the other hand if you like to wear your locks polished and sleek you can also sweep the strands to the side and place the fedora lower in order to bring out the best of your do. Those who have short hair can also enjoy the pleasure of wearing stylish fedoras in the similar way as the examples shows.

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