Multi-tone hair color is the hot stuff of the moment. Therefore, it is your hair fan duty to skim through the multitude of chic designs you can also nail down without any difficulties. Feel free to match your chic light or dark base tone with colorful highlights.

The buzzword is attitude, as a consequence, make sure you’re ready to adopt an ‘all eyes on me’ look that attracts immediate attention. These cool hair highlights trends offer you a detailed insight into the hottest shades of hair coloring industry. The color palette you can work with is literally infinite. From purple to black and red shades to lighter and more vibrant colors you’ll find everything you’ll need to add a modern twist to your hairstyle.

by Kate Rawnsleyby Matt Clementsby Kate Rawnsleyby Matt Clements

Undoubtedly, every hairdresser will advise you to opt for a similar hair dyeing alternative if you’re ready to devote more time and energy to hair care. Vivid shades are more prone to fading, therefore, it is a must to include some of the newest color protective formulas in your cleansing and conditioning routine. Furthermore, you have to think about regular touch-ups as the quick fix to preserve the long-lasting radiance of your hair tone.

In order to guarantee the dazzling outcome of your transformation it is highly recommended to ask the help of a professional colorist. Spread the tinted highlights all over your hair for a smashing effect. On the other hand, you can also stick to specific sections as the bangs or lower layers if you long for asymmetry and a graphic design. Depending on your skills and personality, pick your favorite dyeing trend.

by Jamie Furlanby Joel Phillips

In the case of natural-looking highlights it is worth considering colors that are with 1-2 shades lighter or darker than your skin tone. This way you’ll stick to a more harmonious and delicate effect. Those who wish to make a smashing statement can widen the color scale and try their hand at alternative hair coloring. Purple, pink, red, green and even blue are some of the hues to include in your option repertoire. Check out these dazzling examples envisioned by the most prominent hair stylists and see whether these alternatives suit your features and character.

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