Enhance a stylish haircut with a cool hair color! There’s a wide palette of amazing hair shades out there to choose from and with a little bit of patience you’ll surely be able to pick your style enhancer hues. If you’re in need of a flash forward hair color idea, take a peek at the following cool hair color ideas that are a perfect option for the upcoming winter 2011 season.

Original, creative hair colors have always been a magnet for attention, so channel your creativity towards creating an amazing color style that will be all about you. However, to obtain the perfect hair color you must pay attention to various details such as the coloring process, color coordination and skin tone, so it is advised to turn towards a professional hair colorist when going for a dramatic change.

Cool Hair Color Ideas for Winter 2011Hair by D&J AmbroseCool Hair Color Ideas for Winter 2011Hair by D&J AmbroseCool Hair Color Ideas for Winter 2011Hair by Trendy HairCool Hair Color Ideas for Winter 2011Hair by Hooker & Young

Blonde is an iconic shade, so whether you’re into Marilyn Monroe or Lady Gaga’s style, a blonde shade will always make heads turn. Depending on your personality and how bold you wish your hair color to be, you can opt for a simple blonde hair color from golden blonde to platinum or you can channel a little bit of rock’n’roll rebellion into your look by adding flashes of color or by adding multi colored highlights. Red, pink, purple, blue, black, brown, yellow, orange are only a few color additions that can spice up your blonde color for a super cool and trendy look, so pick your perfect color combo.

Hair by D&J AmbroseHair by Francesco GroupHair by Francesco GroupHair by Cutting Room Creative

From rich to warm tones, red hair color has always had a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ that attracted attention as red is after all considered the color of passion, so no wonder that women will always have an impulse to give red hair a try. However, this is not a hair color for the faint-hearted, so make sure you’ve got the confidence to go with your lovely red colored locks. From Rihanna’s light to dark red hair color to a fiece all over red hair color or a cool plum hue, there is a red hair color that can be ‘tailored’ to suit you, so go simple or mix a little bit of orange/copper/brown hue into your color to get the divalicious look you’re after.

This winter 2011 season dark honey tones, rich caramels and warm toffee shades simple or spiced up with some cool highlights or lowlights can definitely be a perfect choice. Brunette hair is a universal color, so pick your perfect hue from blonette to black and infuse your luscious hue with the perfect contrasting hues to achieve a more luminous glow and get plenty of attention.

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