The fact that we are all different allows much more room for diversity when it comes to fashion, style and even hair color, so one can opt for a look which underlines best his/her personality. Hair color plays a very important role when it comes to physical appearance this is why it is important to choose a hair color which suits your skin tone and personality best, so you can look amazing. Hair color can help enhance your natural beauty and there is a variety of cool hair color ideas to choose from.

The evolution of the cosmetic industry has led to the improvement of hair dyes and the development of new cool hair color shades just so women can find the best hue for them. From blonde to purple, there is a variety of shades which fall out of the pattern, which are natural looking shades such as blonde, brunette and red. These cool hair color shades have a different look, a look which attracts a generous amount of attention and which can definitely underline your unique style. Because choosing from such a vast variety of hair color shades is difficult we have selected some of the ones we consider to be the coolest and trendiest for this year:

Dramatic red hair color

Dramatic red hair is hot and can definitely make you stand out but keep in mind that this hair color is definitely not for everyone as matching your skin tone to this pretentious hue is not easy. Dramatic red locks help enhance the beauty of women with blue but especially green colored eyes so you can benefit from this shade on more levels. In order to ensure you get a fabulous vivid coloration turn to a professional hair colorist so you don’t risk turning out with a different color or with damaged hair.

Orange colored hair

Orange seems to be highly fashionable this year when it comes to clothes as well as hair color, so if your skin tone can pull this amazing shade off, don’t hesitate to color your tresses orange. There is a variety of orange hues to choose from, so select a hue which suits your skin tone best. This hair color helps brighten up the facial features so you will look lovely with this cool hair color.

Purple hair color

It seems that this hair color is rising in popularity and it’s not difficult to observe why. Purple is a hair color which benefits numerous skin tones so more people can opt for this fabulous shade. The intensity of the purple varies from lavender to deep purple, so select the color that suits you best. Purple hair color enhances best brown colored eyes, the contrast between the colors creating a fabulous look.

Multi-tone hair color

If you are just not sure about what to choose or you just want an even more out of the ordinary hair color, choose a cool multi-tone hair color hairstyle. Mix your favorite hair color shades and apply them as desired as there is a variety of hair coloring techniques meant to help you achieve different hair coloring results. Choose right and you will definitely stand out!