Bangs hairstyles have always been popular due to the fabulous look they help create without having to modify the rest of the haircut. Along time, a variety of hair cutting techniques have been developed, techniques which allow hairstylists to give the bangs different looks, making them perfect for any hair type, age as well as personality. There are a variety of cool bangs hairstyles for teen girls to choose from, so making sure the right choice is made is a must if you wish to look fabulous.

Choosing the right hairstyle means paying attention to a variety of factors which influence the look of your hairstyle such as face shape, hair type, personality, hair length, etc. All these factors can change the outcome of the result, so making sure all these factors benefit from your new hairstyle is a must if you wish to look outstanding. Because selecting a cool bangs hairstyle will not be easy, we have selected some of the most popular bangs hairstyles that suit perfectly teen girls, so you can inspire yourself and make your final decision much easier:

Short hairstyles with bangs It is a well known fact by now that bangs can do wonders on all hair lengths and one of the hottest new looks are brought by the short bangs hairstyles trend. It seems that short hairstyles are perfect for teens as their soft facial features help balance the look fabulously. One of the hairstyles that capture more and more attention, hairstyles which definitely suit rebellious teen girls who love showing off their powerful character are the asymmetrical cut hairstyles with bangs. These type of hairstyles are cut longer on one side and shorter on the other to add an edgy look to the hair. Side swept bangs are the bangs style that complete the look of this type of short hairstyles, so if short crops suit you and if you love to stand out and be different, go asymmetrical.

short bangs hair teen short hair

Medium length bob hairstyles with bangs Bob hairstyles have always looked outstanding on loose curled as well as sleek straight hair, making them a perfect option for women with certain face shapes. There are a variety of bob hairstyles to choose from, but there are a couple of them which manage to stand out from the rest by far. Blunt cut bob hairstyles as well as layered bob hairstyles look hot and bangs make them look even hotter. If you want to obtain a more powerful look, go for a blunt cut bangs bob or, if you wish the opposite, to obtain a soft, darling look, go for the layered bob hairstyle with bangs. Choose the bangs style according to your hair type, straight across cut for sleek straight hair, but side swept swill work as well especially for women who don’t benefit from straight across cut bangs and side swept bangs for girls with curly tresses or who prefer a softer, more “opened” look.

Long bangs hairstyles When it comes to long hair, anything goes, so choose straight across cut or side swept bangs cut as desired. Go for wispy, choppy, layered, long as well as baby bangs as all bangs styles work with this hair length. However, teen girls with straight hair can go for both straight cut as well as side swept bangs, while girls with curly tresses should stick to side swept bangs due to the fact that curly hair and bangs don’t match. The only option you have when choosing straight cut bangs on curly hair is to constantly straighten them as the combo straight bangs and curly hair looks fabulous.

Style your tresses differently every time you can as there are a variety of hair styling tools and products which can help you go from curly to straight, wavy and back in no time regardless of your natural hair type, just so you can shine every single moment.