Changing your natural hair color can be a great decision, however those who would like to keep their natural hair colors can always think of a temporary and less prominent solution.

Hair highlights and sparse color patches in your hairstyle can add a groovy flair to your look. Whether you go for the shades that are closer to your natural hair tone or for rainbow tints, make sure you choose ones that reflect your personality.

Bangs hairstyles are extremely popular combined with highlights and a fab color with which you’ll turn your plain strands into a worth-admiring hairdo.

Indeed, this hair coloring method has several advantages, one being that you’ll be able to sport vivid colors without having to block dye all your tresses. Skim through these stylish colored bangs hairstyles for inspiration.

Blunt bangs and side-swept bangs look just as fabulous when colored. Feel free to experiment wit darker or lighter tones depending on the effect you want to radiate. Colored bangs are also perfect for a hint of change since these can be matched with all types of lengths and cuts. From short to medium, blunt cut and razored ones, all hairstyles are perfectly complemented by this accessory.

The method of dyeing can also differ according to your preferences. For a uniform look, choose a symmetrical coloring through which your whole bangs will be covered. Those who want to stick to only a minimal tint should select sparse strands to be colored. Besides the versatile look, these highlights or lowlights will also add volume to the hairstyle.

The latest hairstyle tendencies promote the multi-colored and polished hairstyles. Indeed, colored bangs look more prominent on sleek hair, those who are proud owners of cascading curls should not scare away of this look. The buzzword is planning, if you decide to get your bangs dyed, make sure you choose tresses that will be properly emphasized by your hairstyle.

If you want an edgy look, pair contrasting colors as ash blonde and pink or dark blue. However, if you’re more of a natural look fan, choose shades that belong to the category of your natural hair color, go by the cold or warm principle as pairing lighter and darker tones of the same color, as brown or blonde.

Colored bangs hairstyles are among the most popular ones due to their ability to perk up boring strands. There’s no need to cross the limit when selecting a color combo, you’ll be able to look just as voguish with slight changes and rare, peek-a-boo streaks. The key to steal the show is indeed wearing your highlights with great confidence.