Hair gurus love nothing more than versatility. If you’re ready to take a plunge into a dramatic hairstyle transformation, visit your fave beauty salon. In order to have a well-defined idea on how to perk up your natural shade, take a closer look at the most amazing hair highlights ideas for 2012.

These will help you kiss goodbye to monotony and unmanageable texture. The new wave of hair coloring trends offer you the privilege to go bold and beautiful with your strands. Move on a wider color palette and be sure to include all the ‘it’ hues among your coloring options.

Red Hair Highlightsby Matrix Purple Hair Highlightsby Jacen WardPurple Hair Highlightsby Kristina RussellBlonde Hair Highlightsby Revlon

Purple is definitely the new red! If you’re not afraid of sporting a dashing and at the same time eye-catching look, go for these cool highlights ideas. Boost the volume and definition of your tresses with a few simple coloring ideas. Before heading to the salon, decide upon the dyeing technique and style you wish to experiment with. Dip-dyeing, paneling and tone-on-tone coloring are only some of the hair trends to choose from. Consider the impression you want to create and select the most flattering shades that suit your skin tone and personality. For the extra wow impact you can also choose from the many shades of blue, red and orange.

Chic Hair Highlightsby Great LengthsColorful Hair Highlightsby Katie BrooksBlonde Hair Highlightsby Katie BrooksChic Hair Highlightsby Alfaparf

These perfectly polished examples illustrate the versatility of a multi-tonal look. Stay on trend with the newest hairdressing trends and use highlights to stand out from the rest of the crowd. Revitalize your locks with a glossy hue and get rid of boring tresses in an instant. Use only color protective conditioning and cleansing formulas to secure the long-lasting radiance and soft texture of your locks. Place the tinted chunks either in the front section for a va-va-voom impact or on the lower layers for a subtle and refined effect. Ask for the help of a professional to grant you with a low maintenance and at the same time sexy hairstyle.

Purple Hair Highlightsby Sasho Kremich Red Highlightsby BalmainRed Hair HighlightsWeb CollectionPurple Hair Highlightsby Christina Hatcher