Sporting the hottest hair highlights offers you the chance to inject texture and shine into your strands. Plan your dye job beforehand and skim through a few inspiring looks before you visit your favorite hair salon.

Shiny and happy locks radiate confidence and femininity. It’s the perfect moment to consider a multi-tonal hair color which adds a brand new dimension to your hairstyle. We’ve selected the most impressive blonde hair highlights ideas everyone can nail down regardless of hair texture or length. Choose the most flattering blonde shades which complement your base tone then look for creative styling options to bring out the most of your tresses.

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Consider the impact you want to create with your next beauty update. In order to sport a natural-looking hairdo, opt for tones 1-2 shades darker or lighter than your natural hue. Rev up your strands with vivid colors which create a brightening effect. On the other hand, you can also go for a darker blonde tone which adds depth and refinement to your locks. The dyeing job is considered successful if the different tones blend together into a harmonious and sight-pampering composition. Browse through the newest hair coloring techniques to find the one that best suits your preferences. Paneling, dip dyeing and ombre hair coloring are only some of the hip hair trends of the moment. Stand out from the rest of the crowd with your sophisticated multi-tonal hair style.

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Position highlights in order to achieve a unique effect. Lighter tinted sections when placed on the crown area have a volumizing effect. Those who have thin locks can consider going for chunky hair highlights placed on the top layers. However, if you want to pull off a more subtle effect, it is highly recommended to keep highlights on lower sections. Experiment with numerous hair coloring patterns and learn the basics of keeping your tinted locks in top shape.

Pay special attention to your locks during the hot season. Use shine serum and other formulas to preserve the soft and shiny texture of your hair. See these ultra-creative hair designs and choose at least one of these looks to go glam for the summer season. Do the highlighting at home if you trust your coloring skills. However, if you want to go for the safest solution, you should definitely ask for the help of a pro stylist.