Finding a hairstyle that would match the cheerleader role is not so easy. It has to be a hairdo that not only looks fabulous but also fulfills other goals. First of all it should be low-maintenance and it should also keep the hair from the face so that you can concentrate on your moves. However, how could the voguish meet the practical, it’s simple, all you have to do is to find the dos that emphasize your best features and which also work for an exhausting cheer leading session.

Indeed, updos and half-updos are the top favorite styling methods when it comes to these ultra-popular girls. The best trick to sport a worth-admiring and flattering hairstyle is to perfect your hair dressing skills with the following Cheerleading hairstyling ideas.


Cheerleaders have a dynamic lifestyle, that’s why it is essential to provide both the body and the hair with the necessary measures to protect them from damages. The follicles can easily break and suffer if the hair is let down while jumping and bouncing. That’s why it would be more than wise to tie your hair up in a ponytail. Higher or lower, the key is to organize the tresses and keep them from hitting your shoulders and immediate breakage.

Ponytails are voguish hairstyles among teens. You can either sport the classy style or the more sophisticated, braided or twisted variations. Be careful how you choose the elastic, don’t torture your strands with extremely tight ones. If you are the fan of polished dos, make sure your hair is secured with hairpins or bobby pins. However, if you opt for the messy style, skip these accessories and replace them with ribbons or bows.

Ballerina Buns

Simple or extravagant buns can look just as fabulous especially if your hair is healthy and naturally glowing. In order to flash your beautiful tresses make sure you condition your hair properly and use the follicle-friendlyhair styling products. Styling your strands into a bun can be very simple and fun. You have the chance to choose from a wide range of buns, from the messy to the polished ones.

Cheerleading buns can be further upgraded with ribbons and headbands. Make sure your locks are secured with bobby pins and test it before you head to the cheer leading practice. You can let your bangs free flowing or if you feel more comfortable, pin them up or to the side with a groovy hairpin.

Half-Up Half-Down Hairstyles

These hairstyles can offer the comfort and confidence to feel voguish in all circumstances. Those who are reluctant to completely tie their hair up might find this do pretty pleasing. You can either pin up or tie your strands into a ponytail and let the rest of the strands free on your shoulders. There’s no need to stick to the traditional look when you can embed ultra-popular braids and even a ribbon into your hair, the key is to make it stunning.

Curls look just as fabulous in a half-up half-down do as super-sleek hair. You can either leave the hair in its natural texture or create some cascading curls and then pin up the hair. Use your creativity to invent and test unique hairstyles.

Images: Getty Images, PR Photos