If you want a low maintenance blonde hair color that goes with pretty much all skin tones, caramel blonde hair is your best bet. With a natural vibe, this soft shade can help you get the blonde look your want.

Whether you have blonde hair with caramel highlights or darker hair with caramel highlights, you know this shade goes with everything, so you can always turn it into the base color of your look. If you’re looking for a perfect shade of blonde, caramel blonde hair is the perfect compromise between beige blonde and darker golden colors.

Celebrities who swear by the caramel blonde hair color include Rosie Huntington Whiteley, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jennifer Lopez, Audrina Patridge, Jessica Alba and even Natalie Portman.

Jennifer Lopez Caramel Blonde Hair ColorRosie Huntington Whiteley Caramel Blonde Hair Color

Caramel Blonde Hair Color: Getting the Perfect Shade

Easy to wear, caramel blonde hair is a perfect fit for any woman who doesn’t want a high maintenance look, but would still like to go blonde. With less root-regrowth, the caramel blonde hair color can be obtained with less bleach than a strawberry or platinum blonde.

If you like the color of crème brûlée and toffee, caramel blonde is the perfect choice for you and its rich tones bring out the best in golden or yellow skin undertones. Blonde hair with caramel highlights works best if you have a pale complexion, but a full caramel blonde is easier to sport, no matter what your skin tone is.

For brunettes who want to try out a shade of caramel, even dark caramel blonde, a visit to the salon is the best way to go. Bleaching your hair at home can be tricky and dark or red pigments are harder to remove without the help of a professional, even if you only want to try out caramel hair highlights.

Since it’s a soft color, caramel blonde doesn’t always go well with blunt cuts. Waves, curls and layers are a perfect fit for this shade. Go for either beach-ready waves or a layered style. Whether you’re going for dark caramel blonde or a lighter shade, you should try to avoid edgy and super short haircuts, that make caramel blonde hair color lose some of its charm.

Caramel Gold Hair Color

Caramel Blonde Highlights

Blonde and caramel highlights are a perfect way to give texture to darker hair, and blonde hair with caramel highlights makes a great summer look.

If you want to see if the caramel blonde hair color goes well with your skin without using any bleach, try an instant colorizer like the ALTERNA STYLIST One Night Highlights in Sweet Caramel, perfect for trying out the look before deciding to make a big change.

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