Brunette shades always find their way in fashion trends every year in one way or the other due to the amazing flexibility of this hair color and the variety of tones that can be obtained and used to take a hairstyle to the next level. Warm tones and dark tones are both highly appreciated and experimented in an equal manner by those who like to have variety in their hair style but who still prefer to take only moderate risks when it comes to hair coloring, aiming for a convincing, natural look.Brunette shades are generally suitable for most complexions being relatively easy to maintain.

While most women can get away with a great variety of brunette shades, the results are always superior when factors such as skin tone and undertones and eye color are being included in the process of selection.

While you might be able to develop a pretty accurate idea by yourself, consulting a professional hair colorist can go a long way to ensuring that you will be satisfied with the color of your tresses for months to come. If you decide to get a new medium haircut as well you will be able to solve two problems at once and get the change you really want without having to go trough the tiresome process of trial and error.

When selecting the haircut, aside from deciding on a hairstyle based on your face shape, you should also keep in mind other factors such as your personality, lifestyle, the time you dedicate every day to styling your tresses as well as certain job constraints you might have if you work in a more conservative environment.

Remember that although you might like the way a certain high maintenance haircut might look at first, if you are not used to spend a certain amount of time styling your locks every day, your newly acquired hairstyle can quickly become a major source of dissatisfaction and that you have to be able to deal with for quite some time. Similarly, if you consider your tresses one of your strongest physical attributes, you might get frustrated if the hairstyle you chose only allows a limited number of hair styling options.

Once the problems of selecting the best hair color as well as an appropriate medium haircut have been solved it’s time to focus our attention on keeping our hairstyle fresh and modern. The styling options chosen might vary depending on the occasion and the style of the hair cut as well as on the level of styling skills a person has. Although it might be hard to determine what are the best options for a particular hairstyle, there are a few styling options that can work well for all kinds of medium hairstyles.

One easy way to instantly change the way a medium hairstyle looks is to modify its texture. Textured medium hairstyles can turn out to be very varied with a few simple alterations when it comes to the styling technique used. One of the simplest methods that can be used is playing up with volume. Hair volume can be used to highlight various aspects of a hairstyle or even certain characteristics while downplaying others. After adding hair volume, you can take one step further to creating a more complex hairstyle.

With the right styling tools you can go for a sophisticated or casual hairstyle depending on your needs as well as your imagination. You can go for a sophisticated modern formal hairstyle or you can choose loose wavy hairstyle. Depending on the products you use, you can go for romantic, classy looks or you can add a vintage flair to your hairstyle if you are an admirer of these hairstyles.

For less formal occasions you have an even greater array of possibilities as you are not forced to follow any rules. You can opt from purposely slightly messy hairstyles that will highlight your free spirited nature to downright bedhead hairstyles if you like maximum freedom when it comes to hair styling and everything in between if you let your creativity run loose and are not afraid to choose a variety of styles regularly.