Are you a creature of habit or do you like to reinvent yourself when it comes to your hair? Once or twice a year, it’s worth giving your current hairstyle an objective once-over to bring it up to date or give it a fashion-forward edge.

Have a look at some celebrity hairstyles for inspiration and book in for a consultation with your hairstylist for a chat about tweaking your haircut to keep it fresh and modern and avoid getting stuck with the same look over and over again.

Even if you’re not planning a huge makeover, it could be time to re-evaluate your stylist.

You could be stuck in a hair rut if your hairstylist says is ‘let’s get you shampooed’, instead of sitting you down in front of the mirror to ask ‘what are we doing today?’. Love your stylist? Good hairstylists are like gold dust, so if you find one you love, stick with him.

Need New Hairstyle MakeoverNeed New Hairstyle Makeover

But, even if you are happy, it’s good to be unfaithful on occasion, of only for a consultation. Ready to change your hairstylist? Talk to all your friends you think have great hair – even stop strangers in the street – and ask them who cuts their hair.

Book a consultation (which should be free!) and show up early to watch the stylist in action before you speak to them.

Need New Hairstyle MakeoverNeed New Hairstyle Makeover

When it’s your turn, he should talk about face shape, hair texture and lifestyle. If he asks ‘what do you want?’ without offering any input, walk away.

Do your research and bring along a photo of your ideal cut to show your hairstylist.

Be yourself and dress in your normal style for the appointment, so the stylist gets an idea of your image, making it easier to find a hairstyles that really suit you.

Remember, a good haircut lasts up to six weeks for short to medium and up to eight weeks for longer locks.