If your current shade is beginning to bore you, it might be time to lighten up. The hair dye industry has progressed immensely, bringing you new hair dyes that cause less damage to your strands, as well as a larger hair color palette. So, if you’re thinking of going a bit lighter with your hair, check out these fab blonde hair color ideas.

Apricot SmoothieFair skin looks warm and rosy when blonde hair is given red, strawberry or orangey undertones.

You’ll need frequent touch-ups with a solid shade like this; prepare to visit the salon every six to eight weeks.To keep your hue fresher longer, use only shampoos and conditioners designed specifically for color-treated hair.

strawberry blonde hairblonde hair

Sweet CaramelEveryone from Hilary Duff to Beyonce to Ashlee Simpson, have opted for this burnished honey shade in lieu of bold platinum blonde, and for good reason.It’s much easier to wear because it looks softer on the skin, and the growing out process isn’t as dramatic.

For added depth, have a darker shade painted underneath that barely peeks through.

Caramel blonde hairBlonde hair shade

Gold RushShort blonde hair makes a statement. It says “I’m bold!”, “I’m confident!” and “C’mon…look at me!”

If you’re ready for the attention it brings, by all means, go for it.Just know that short cuts are the quickest to show regrowth, and you’ll need stop in the salon for cuts and color more frequently than a lot other styles.

blondegolden blonde

Are you ready for that kind of commitment?