In a year dominated by solid shades, a multi-tonal hair color can generate a heavy dose of excitement, so dare to be different and play with your fave blonde and black hair color tones as there are numerous ideas generated by the vast color palette and the innovative hair coloring techniques available. Contrasting shades such as blonde and black or blonde and brown hair color combos can transform your look in an instant and infuse a high dose of fierceness in your style, so regardless of your haircut, you can find the hair color style to revamp your look and make it fiercer and up-to-date.

Now, a statement hair color doesn’t mean it has to lack femininity, in fact this innovative dual tone hair color has a high dose of femininity attached. It all depends on the way you choose to layer the blonde or the black on your tresses. For example, dip dye hair color styles have a certain vintage chicness attached that makes heads turn, peek-a-boo panels of color have a certain futuristic allure while blonde hair with black underneath / black hair with blonde underneath looks a bit more mysterious.

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The honeys that want to achieve an edgy but elegant hairstyle can turn towards lovely highlights and lowlights to upgrade the glam factor of their tresses. If you’re looking for a glam punk look, opt for platinum blonde locks mixed with peek-a-boo black highlights, but if you want something with less drama, darker blonde tones that topped the charts this year are a perfect option to mix in with panels of dark color. These streaks of color work wonders with long hair as well as shorter crops and look fantastic when worn with plenty of disheveled texture that puts into value the lovely multi tonal coloration!

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The ladies sporting chic shorties with or without the statement undercut style can definitely accentuate their fab crop using a multi-tonal hair color, so dare to push the limit with your style and enhance the edgy, sharp lines of your haircut using chunks of color. If you have an undercut, color the short hairs darker and keep the long length a rich blonde. If you’re looking for a bolder look, you can inverse the shades as either way your trendy crop will stand out from the crowd.

For the girly-girls, a stylish dip-dye hair color or color blocking blonde/black locks pose as the safest approach to a statement style that is unique, bold yet feminine. You can color the ends of your locks, half of your hair, a part in one color and the other into another shade or you can color just the hair strands that caress your cheeks as the color combo options are vast, so get creative with your hair color and let your imagination and boldness push you into the spotlight!

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