Enjoy the confidence a smashing haircut can offer you and make sure you stay on trend with the hottest hairdressing tendencies. Show off an ultra-sophisticated crop that suits your face shape and brings out the most of your texture. The best medium bob hairstyles radiate elegance and refinement.

Choose one of these time-tested cuts armed up with a modern twist to meet the preferences of the ever growing fashion pack. Steal the limelight with your chic classy or more mussed up bob to make sure you can run for the title of the hair trailblazer of the season. Define the ideal hair length to have an endless variety of hair sculpting options.

Medium Bob Hair Styleby BoonsMedium Bob Hair Styleby Rainbow RoomMedium Bob Hair Styleby Vidal SassoonMedium Bob Hair Styleby The Art of Hair

Choppy Layered Bob Hairstyles

Set your inner beauty adventurer free with a versatile choppy layered bob cut. Draw some inspiration from these fabulous and hyper-modern looks. The versatile anatomy of your mid-length ‘do will grant you with a myriad of hair styling alternatives. A similar no-fuss crop can definitely make you feel sexy and confident. Use your creativity to select the most suitable hair design that can do magic with your features.

Thinned out sections when positioned on the crown area can boost the volume of your thin or thick locks. Furthermore, if you long for a well-defined frame for your face, you can opt for graduated tresses placed in the front sections. Let these fabulous examples inspire you and teach you how to nail down the hottest trends that mesmerized Hollywood celebs too.

Medium Bob Hair StyleStyle.comMedium Bob Hair Styleby Paul MitchellMedium Bob Hair Styleby LorealMedium Bob Hair StyleStyle.com

Soft Layered Bob Hairstyles

Soft layered hairstyles take a more classy turn on the modern Bob crops. Those who wish to stick to neat texture and fine angles have the chance to go for a delicate and flirty crop as the ones presented here. Graduation is one of the secret weapons to kiss goodbye to your old plain look and embrace a voguish new season hairdo. Join the glamor pack by rocking a chic bob haircut that reflects your refined beauty sense.

Choose the ideal hair part that complements your face shape. Additionally, don’t forget about the positive impact bangs can have on your ‘do. Blunt designs will steal from the prominence of your forehead, whereas a side-swept fringe can add some length to your face. Pick out the dream hairdo according to your purpose with this dazzling makeover.

Medium Bob Hair StyleStyle.comMedium Bob Hair StyleStyle.comMedium Bob Hair StyleStyle.comMedium Bob Hair Styleby Schwarzkopf