The myriad of high end collections presented at the spring 2012 edition of the Fashion Week have given the general direction fashion is guided towards in the next season. But aside from breath-taking designs, the beauty looks presented and particularly the hairstyles have managed to capture a lot of interest. Check out some of the best hairstyles for the next season.

Each edition of the Fashion Week brings tons of fresh and alluring style perspectives that can help us upgrade our look and even encourage us to go beyond simple hairstyles and try something bolder, expanding our style comfort zone in the process. The most important fashion capitals have once again provided inspiration in a myriad of exciting hairstyles.

Complex hairstyles never fail to get attention and fabulous updos are always on the top of the list of adventurous skilled fashion enthusiasts. Clearly defined structures with a fun touch and a purposeful messy touch that exudes elegance with a modern touch are great style directions endorsed by high end labels such as Giorgio Armani, Dolce & Gabbana or Bottega Veneta spotted at Milan Fashion Week.

Unlike previous seasons, the emphasis on volume proved quite unimportant and natural proportions were much more valued. The wet, slicked back look has also made a subtle appearance, but the chances of reentering into the mainstream in the next season are quite slim. From perfect details and well defined structures to similarly complex yet slightly more messy-looking, the style options provided are pretty straight forward.

Among the less complex and less structured looks, curls and soft waves definitely stand out. Naturalness is the key concept embraced by the majority of the brands as these hairstyles are fairly simple to create and can be flattering at any age. An even simpler style trend that can be recreated in a matter of minutes is the side part, which adds a touch of drama and creates a balanced focal point.

Braids were sparingly observed on the runways of brands like Just Cavalli, Vivienne Westwood Red Label, Moschino or Michael Kors. For the mot part, braids were fairly subdued, although occasional milkmaid braids could be noticed. A modern vibe is immediately noticeable and creativity is definitely encouraged when trying to create a fabulous look with the help of various braided styles.

As far as ponytail trends are concerned, there's no room for causal vibes. Perfect definition and pin straight tresses are a perfect combo for a glamorous ponytail hairstyle like the one spotted backstage at Donna Karan at New York Fashion Week. All in all, judging by the looks endorsed by some of the most well known fashion brands, the next season will bring a myriad of creative hairstyle options and the inspiration sources are more than generous.

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