Bangs became one of the hottest hairstyle trends for summer 2010. Even though there are numerous types of bangs it is still very hard to find the perfect bangs that flatter you. Bangs should usually be chosen according to your face shape, hair type and personal style. Therefore, you have to pay a lot of attention when choosing bangs as they can completely ruin your look.

Regardless the type of bangs you are choosing, make sure they don't cover your face, as they have to enhance your face features and not hide them. For spring/summer 2010 there are several types of bangs where to choose from. If you have curly hair, it is advisable to avoid bangs as you might find it hard to style them.

Full, straight bangs
Straight, full bangs are perfect for oval faces and they can hide certain flaws such as a big nose or a wide forehead, and they have an effect of broadening a more narrow face. Usually, this type of bangs is worn very straight, cut straight across the forehead without any angles. You might have to use a hair straightener to style them.

Choppy bangs
Choppy bangs work great for both oval and round faces, being the best solution for those of you who don't have thick hair. They are perfect if you want to cover a sharper chin, angular jawlines or a bigger forehead. You can choose choppy bangs if you have short, medium and even long hair.

Side swept bangs
For a natural look side swept bangs are the perfect option as they are easy to style. Side swept bangs work for every face shape, oval or square, and they are perfect for buns, ponytail or loose hair. For a round face, side swept bangs elongate your face. Try to avoid side swept bangs if you have a long face or forehead.

Very short bangs
Very short bangs are the perfect choice for people with small, round or oval faces. They can be rather matched with short, pixie haircuts for a rebellious look. Use this type of bangs if you have a very short forehead and you want to make it appear longer. Try to make super-short bangs with a beautiful straight hair.