Anime cartoons have exploded in popularity since they were first created in Japan and they have become a source of inspiration for people in real life. Anime cartoon characters look great, the really big eyes, the gorgeous looking hairstyles and the fabulous clothes take people on a dream journey in which everything is perfect.

Because cosplay (costume play, dressing up like a cartoon character) is a new trend which is taking over, more and more people opt for Anime hairstyles and costumes that resemble their favorite Anime character. Because making the right choice is not easy, we have selected some of the best Anime hairstyles for girls which can be created through different hair cutting and hair styling techniques:

Bob hairstyles Sleek straight bob hairstyles are very popular hairstyles for girls among Anime characters and not only. It is absolutely essential to choose the right type of bob and the most common bob hairstyle worn by Anime characters is the classic cut bob. When choosing a bob haircut it is essential to take the face shape into account as your face shape needs to benefit from the cut so that the desired result is obtained. Straighten your tresses using a flat iron to obtain a fabulous and flawless sleek straight bob just like your favorite Anime.

anime bob hairstyle bob hairstyle

Long layered hairstyles Long layered hairstyles look amazing and can allow you to benefit from a great amount of versatility when it comes to hair styling. Choosing a long layered haircut will allow your tresses to receive the right posture and bring out the facial features.

Most Anime characters featuring this type of haircut have their tresses styled sleek straight as this type of hairstyle benefits the most from the incorporated hair layers. There are a variety of hair styling products and tools available to allow you to create perfectly straight tresses, so purchase the right hair products for your hair.

anime layered hair long hair

Extra long hairstyles Everyone loves long hairstyles as there is something in them that acts as a magnet of beauty. Gorgeous and perfect for wavy hairstyles, extra long hairstyles can be easily achieved using hair extensions. There are a variety of hair extension types available to choose from just so you can find the right type for you. This type of hairstyle can be worn long or tied up into a ponytail as these styles are the most popular among Anime characters with extra long hair. Give the hair the right hair texture using the right hair styling products so your hair will receive the desired shape.

anime anime hair

Bangs are highly popular among all Anime hairstyles, so choose the right bangs style for your face shape. Choose the Anime hairstyle that suits your personality, face shape and hair type best so you can be admired by everyone for your great Anime style.