Before you make any big decisions that affect both the look and the health of your hair in the long run, trying temporary hair color products is always a good idea. Whether you want semi-permanent hair dye that lasts around month or something special for one evening, these are the products to try.

Ammonia and peroxide free hair coloring products will keep your tresses looking beautiful and vibrant shades come on all textures. Choose from the best temporary hair color products and find the right fit for your style.

L’Oreal Casting Creme Gloss

Lasting up to 28 shampoos, L’Oreal Casting Creme Gloss is ammonia-free and truly the perfect choice for shimmering tones and glossy look for your hair. Available in 38 shades, it’s a full hair beauty treatment and a great way to hide any stray gray hairs. If you’re looking for a semi-permanent natural hair color, it’s your best bet.

Hair Flairs Color Rubs

Discontinued, but still widely available, the hair color Rubs is definitely one of the best temporary hair color products, useful especially for brightly colored highlights. You can quickly rub the color in your hair after using leave-in conditioner and seal the color in with hairspray. The best part is that the vibrant shades stay put even in humid conditions, but come off completely with a single wash.

Isadora Hair Mascara

Whether you want to shade your tips or cover re-growth on dyed or tinted hair, the Isador Hair Mascara can help you out. Available in 10 shades from chestnut brown to royal blue, this hair mascara is ammonia and peroxide-free and won’t flake. Whether you want to stick to natural colors or go for bold shades, this is a great solution for sensitive scalps and washes out easily with shampoo.

Temporary Hair Dyes

Rita Hazan POP Color Temporary Color Spray For Hair

One of the best temporary hair color products for a fast bold look, the POP color spray is available in only 3 shades (blue, purple and pink) but it’s easy to use and can create Katy Perry inspired looks in less than 5 minutes. This temporary aerosol spray washes out easily and doesn’t contain any tints, peroxide or other bleaches.

Streaks N Tips Temporary Color Highlight Spray

Another canned solution for vivid colors available in 8 shades, the Streaks N Tips spray works just as well for highlights or for overall coverage. Whether you’re thinking of streaking your hair or adding bold colors to the tips, this is another temporary hair color product that’s free of peroxide and tints.

Manic Panic Dyehard Hair Color Styling Gels

One of the best temporary hair color products comes out of a squeeze tube and will also provide all the styling power you need for a cool hairdo. Available in 5 neon shades, 2 metallics and 3 matte colors, the gel dries hard so it’s the right choice for colorful fauxhawks and it’s easy to remove with a single wash.

Splat Hair Chalk

Looking for the perfect pastels? This hair chalk is available in 7 shades and creates soft colors that complete your style. It comes with a special applicator sponge, but unlike most temporary hair color products, it’s easier to rub off. In order to prevent any issues, cover your colored hair with hairspray.

Temporary Hair Coloring Products

Kevin Murphy Color.Bug

The best temporary hair color products are easy to use and nothing is simpler than Kevin Murphy’s Color.Bug, a pressed powder that you can easily wipe on and wipe off. Use a leave in conditioner to seal the color and the pigment rich vibrant shades of pink, orange and purple will stay put until you decide you’re over them.

Clairol Herbal Essences Nice ‘n Easy Non-Permanent Hair Color

Another excellent choice for a whole month’s worth of color, this non-permanent hair color is easy to use and ammonia-free. Pick from the wide selection of colors and enjoy a natural look without all the downsides of permanent coloring.

Sultra Hair Palette Color Clip-In Hair Extension

Colored extensions are an even simpler alternative to the best temporary hair color products. The 14-inch long Sultra Hair extensions are available in attention grabbing colors and textures, including cameo pink cheetah.

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