Say buh-bye to ombre hair color, because beautifully blended, multi-tonal, dimensional, super-shiny hair highlights are finally back! 

Why do we love the new hair highlights so much? They give depth an movement to layers and give the impression of thicker, fuller hair with lots of shine!

This might be the perfect time to ditch the color blocked and two-tone look that can make your locks look flat and lifeless! Opt of a different hairstyle with a seamless blend of multi-tonal highlights and lowlights. 

Browse through the hottest celebrity hairstyles with glamorous hair highlights for olive skin tones that can help you out in making the right decision.

Blonde Hair Highlights for Olive Skin Tone: Surfer Strands

Surfer strands are probably one of the most popular blonde hair highlights for olive skin tones. If you want to rock this sun-kissed look, ask for natural dark roots and halo highlights around your face. For best results, ask for three or four shades to be woven into your natural hair color for a stunning finish. Your colorist will 

Moreover, ask your hairstylist to create a couple of brighter highlights below your chin and darker ones around your face to add even more dimension to your highlights. Don’t hesitate to opt for creamy gold or a warm caramel highlights, excellent colors that will compliment your olive skin.

Alessandra Ambrosio Surfer Blonde Highlights

Alessandra Ambrosio’s olive skin tone has that glow thanks to the stunning mix of warm blonde highlights that are concentrated around her face.

Jennifer Lopez Blonde Hair Highlights

All over blondes can look flat and lifeless on olive skin tones, instead go for a mix of different blonde shades like Jennifer Lopez. 

Adriana Lima Hair Highlights

Victoria’s Secret angel Adriana Lima looks effortless and natural with her highlighted brown hairstyle. 

Trendy Hair Highlights for Olive Skin Tone

If you’re wondering what are the best highlights for olive skin tone, you should take a look at the shades worn by these celebs. Book an appointment with your colorist and discuss dimensional highlights in tones of caramel, copper, toffee and light browns mixed with darker lowlights for an effortless multi-tonal hair color. Almost any rich earthy tone will work on olive skin tones, especially shades that reflect light! 

What’s more, you will need to redo your highlights only every 3 months! You can even go for a half head of highlights for three salon visits and a full head on your fourth!

Jessica Alba Hair Highlights

Jessica Alba loves to experiment with different tones of highlights and these warm honey blonde highlights are her latest!

Jessica Szorh Golden Hair Highlights

Jessica Szohr lifts her natural dark brown base color with blended caramel hair highlights!

Mila Kunis Olive Skin Hair Highlights

One of Mila Kunis’ secrets to her perfect blend of hair highlights is to match their shade to the colored flecks in her eyes. 

Nicole Scherzinger Toffee Hair Highlights

Warm toffee hair highlights give Nicole Scherzinger thick lustrous locks with lots of dimension and movement!

Eva Longoria Caramel Blonde Highlights

One of the secrets of finding the perfect shades for highlights, is to mimic the effect the sun has on you hair in the summer! 

Irina Shayk Hair Highlights

Russian hottie Irina Shayk keeps her hair healthy and natural with subtle auburn highlight that instantly warm up her complexion. 

Nina Dorbev Brown Hair Highlights

Nina Dobrev adds sheen and dimension to her long brunette layers with chunky highlights in a warm light brown color placed strategically on the top layers. 

Chrissy Teigen Hair Highlights

Thin caramel hair highlights warm up Chrissy Teigen’s brunette base and olive skin tone.

Lily Aldridge Blonde Highlights

Sexy and sun-kissed hair highlights seem to be a Victoria’s Secret beauty staple. Angel Lily Aldridge rocks her in a soft caramel shade!