Runway hair style trends encourage us to sport messy and tousled romantic looks and play with the natural texture of the hair. The following bedhead updo hair styles banish all the golden rules of traditional and uber-polished ponytails and buns. Instead of wearing your strands super-sleek and tamed, make sure you experiment with these romantic and fairy-tale designs that are oh-so-popular alternatives for dates as well as other special events.

Purposely ruining a glam hair style is one of the revolutionary tendencies of great hair stylists. This method to create some of the most romantic and up-to-date hairstyles is used also on the runway. Therefore, why not adopt it in order to keep the pace with the evolution of hair dressing?

The bedhead updo hair styles below aim to break up the uber-defined structure and look of classy buns, twists as well as ponytails. Instead, what these styling alternatives have to offer is versatility as well as a laid back still hot impression. Quit sporting your hair in tight and tamed dos and try your hand at the chic and sexy updos that encourage you to play with the natural texture of your hair and combine various hair styling designs and pull off fabulous looks in the blink of an eye.

The key to sport some of the newest updo hair styles from the runway is to swap the tamed and classy looks for grungy and more flexible designs.
Stylish beehives and ponytails can be easily dressed down by preserving the natural texture of the hair. Use deep conditioning products and devote more time to the proper hydration and maintenance of your tresses to enhance your do with volume as well as healthy and shiny complexion. Messy doesn't mean tangled and brittle. Instead, fake the tousled and Bohemian look by skipping the use of brushes when creating these hot and stylish dos.

Appeal to elastics and other hair accessories that allow the natural movement of your hair. Break with the tight and too defined looks and rely on the visual power of free flowing locks that add a more romantic and fairy-tale style flair to your appearance. Sport these fab updos both when you prepare for a relaxed outing with your friends or a hot date and more, you can also consider these dos an A-list option if you want to make a smashing style statement on a more official event.

Combine the various hair textures to dress down the look and make it even more groovy. Sleek strands paired with wavy or curly locks and fused into a sole smashing hair style will sure take off the public of its feet. Dare to be different and enrich your hair styling repertoire with these stylish bedhead updo styles that bring out the best of all hair types and lengths.
It's time to master the transition of these catwalk chic and picture-ready hair styles and land them on the street emphasizing your unique features. Those who were blessed with super-sleek hair might have difficulties in achieving this look.

However, there's an easy solution to solve your problems, namely scrunching. Use this cool hair styling method to enhance your locks with a natural wavy texture. First apply some mousse or texturizing paste and then start scrunching the locks with care, avoiding to cause any damages. Then let the strands dry naturally or use a high quality blow dryer for guaranteed success. Finally, choose one of these updos and tie your locks in the desired design and pair the alluring and sex-appeal-filled do with your outfit.