Update your already stylish haircut with a dazzling new color. Whether you’re into partial coloring or you have the right attitude to pull off a block-colored ‘do, the point is to learn more about your options. Read through our review of in-salon looks inspired by the 2012 hair color trends.

Visionary stylists came up with numerous collections of colorful and creative hair designs which can definitely inspire every hair fan. The beautiful hair coloring ideas below furnish you with a cavalcade of beauty alternatives you can experiment with.

Green Hair Highlightsby SassoonRed Hair Highlightsby Kim KoffijbergRed Hair Highlightsby Jasmine RedstoneBlonde Hair Highlightsby Loreal

Have fun playing around with different shades and see their effect on your locks. Various tones can help you create the impression of thick and voluminous tresses. Others will help you nail down a statement and eye-catching look. Choose the measure of your transformation according to your preferences. Visit a pro hair salon to guarantee the dazzling outcomes of your beauty session. Experimenting with home hair coloring will force you to take the risk of failure and various beauty meltdowns. Save your strands from the damage caused by low quality dyeing products and tools. If you’re craving for a high street hairdo, be sure to keep your stylist on speed-dial. Let these versatile hairstyle ideas offer you an insight into the newest hair coloring trends from this popular business.

Blonde Hair Colorby Barrie StephenRed Hair Color Ideaby Ashley WuilleuinRed Hair Highlightsby Taryn ThompsonPurple Hair Highlightsby Katie Brooks

Put a different spin on the traditional hair coloring trends and combine your base tone with a bright and beautiful hue. Multi-tonal hair color looks simply gorgeous if you have the right attitude to make the best of your tinted locks. The position of highlights or colored chunks will have an impact on your crop. Highlights when placed in the fringe section will attract immediate attention. If you want to shift the focus on your face and features, opt for a similar hair coloring option. On the other hand, if you’re into subtle and sultry looks, place highlights in the lower layers. Peek-a-boo hair dyeing is perfect if you want to experiment with various hair coloring trends. Draw some inspiration from these exceptional hair color ideas everyone can sport regardless of age or personality.

Brunette Hair Colorby Royston BlytheRed Highlightsby Matt ClementsHair Color Ideaby Matt ClementsBlonde Hair Highlightsby Marie Cain