After a year in which bangs and fringes kept a low profile and was all about long, face veiling layers, 2012 is marked by the much needed comeback of the stylish fringe designs. If you’re ready to make some changes in your hairstyles, take a peek at the hottest looks for the year ahead.

The classic bangs and fringes have demonstrated their ability to transform a look in an instant decades ago, so no wonder that they are still a huge trend in the hair industry. The new hair cutting techniques and the new styling products available have opened the door for new bangs and fringe designs that are easy to wear and style. From layered, cropped or asymmetrical, to blunt, straight across, rounded and curved-under fringes, there’s a look for everyone for long or short or medium-length locks.

Bangs are universally flattering as they come in various shapes and can be adapted to suit different hair lenghts, from short to long hairstyles, meaning you won’t even have to change your overall hair length to add a bit of a drama, mystery or a playful touch to your look.

Bold and Blunt

Long Blunt Bang Hairstyle 2012Hair by EsteticaLong Blunt Fringe Hairstyle 2012Hair by Karine JacksonLong Straight Across Bangs 2012Hair by Monroe HairdressingBlunt Fringe Hairstyle 2012Hair by Room 97

Straight across cut bangs look amazing and they are definitely the style that will be in the spotlight in 2012. Long, blunt cut bangs with their face-framing ability add a certain mystery to any look, bringing both elegance and glamor in an instant. If you’ve got a round face shape, don’t let your bangs get too wide and opt for softer, layered versions of the bangs. Pair blunt fringes with stylish messy top knots, high ponytails, loose curls or beach waves in 2012.

70s Rounded Bangs

Curved Bangs Hairstyle 2012Hair by Marc Antoni Curved Fringe Hairstyle 2012Hair by Lisa ShepherdRounded Fringe Hairstyle 2012 Hair by Lisa ShepherdRounded Bangs 2012 Hair TrendsHair by Lisa Shepherd

As a reminiscence of past decades, rounded bangs that sweep across from temple to temple are also a style to consider in 2012. Renowned for their ability to bring out cheek bones, they also give a feminine frame to the face and can easily conceal a broad forehead.

Longer, layered bangs are definitely the style that flatter most face shapes, so when in doubt, have layered side bangs cut in. Layered, convertible bangs need the least commitment and can be easily grown out if desired. A great benefit brought by side swept layered bangs is their versatility, meaning they can be created on different hair textures and can be styled messy, sleek, wavy or curly, without losing their flair. Perfect for both short and long locks, side swept bangs can take your hair out of the ordinary without too much fuss.

Convertible Bangs

Convertible Fringe 2012 HairstylesHair by RushLayered Convertible Bangs 2012Hair by Gregory Kaoua

If you’re all about statement styles, you can turn your attention towards intricate cuts that create a strong impact. Asymmetric, cropped fringes will attract a generous amount of attention towards the face, so if you love the attention, be free to make a serious statement with these fierce high fashion looks.

Edgy Cropped Fringes

Cropped Fringe HairstyleHair by Emiliano Vitale Cropped Fringe Haircut 2012Hair by Mieka HairdressingCropped Fringe on Short Hairstyle 2012Hair by John GillespieCropped Bangs Hairstyle 2012Hair by Joico

Colored bangs and fringes are big in 2012. If you have the attitude, add vibrant, bright pops of color throughout your bangs for the ultimate hair statement. Use dip-dying or panelling to dye blocks of hair and break up a boring base color.

Dyed Bangs

Highlights in Bangs Fringe 2012Hair by AestheticsDyed Bangs Hairstyle 2012Hair by Mieka HairdressingHair Highlights in Bangs 2012Hair by JoicoDyed Fringe Hairstyle Trend 2012Hair by Karine Jackson