If you decide to go for the asymmetrical bob haircut, you need to decide if you’re willing to put up with effort of maintaining it. Gorgeous hairstyles like the asymmetrical bob haircuts can need plenty of care if you hair isn’t the natural fit for them.

It’s usually easier to transition to an asymmetrical bob if you’ve had similar hairstyles before. When you’re already used to the proper care for a bob, including the regular trimming to keep its shape well defined, the asymmetrical bob haircut won’t prove to be too high maintenance.

Getting the Right Cut for an Asymmetrical Bob

Instead of focusing on the name, like the A-line bob or the inverted bob, decide on the exact look you’re going for. Most asymmetrical bobs feature little to no layering, but you can ask for a more layered style if that’s suited to your style.

Asymmetrical Bob HaircutLayered Asymmetrical Bob Haircut

A style that goes great with oval and long faces, the asymmetrical bob hairstyle makes for an edgy look when done right. It may not be the right cut for you if you prefer a more laid back casual hairstyle.

Decide if you want asymmetrical cut bangs for a side swept look which can complement the bob the right way and don’t forget to consider other options, like coloring, to make sure that once you get the right cut you’ll be completely satisfied.

Choppy Asymmetrical Bob HaircutModern Asymmetrical Bob Haircut

Styling the Asymmetrical Bob Haircut

If your hair isn’t naturally straight, you may need to blow dry your hair daily to keep the desired look. Consider having texture and volume in your hair and ask your hairstylist for the right products that work best with your hair type and particular cut.

You can experiment with different looks once you’ve got the basic one out of the way. If a uniform look isn’t paramount, you can also add more volume on top or choose to give some extra texture to the short side of your bob. You can slick it down or go for a messy look if you’re bored with the straight and simple.

Don’t ignore the fact that your look will need trimming at least every 6 weeks to keep its desired shape. That’s even more important when you’ve gone for a more layered look.

Sleek Straight Asymmetrical Bob HaircutAsymmetrical Bob Hairstyle With Bangs

Celebrities Who Love the Asymmetrical Bob Haircut

Rihanna and Keira Knightley have rocked the asymmetrical bob with flair recently, but this haircut can even work for round faces if it’s done right. English actress Rebecca Atkinson is proof that the asymmetrical bob haircut can look flattering even on a rounder face.

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