Get a few ideas for alternative hairstyles that can help you shape your look to suit your personality in an edgy way. From alternative haircuts to extreme coloring, check out original ideas that could suit your hair.

Emo hair and cornrows or dreadlocks are hardly alternative anymore, but they can make for great looks when you’re running out of ideas.

Alternative Hairstyles for Women

Heavy layering and contrasting textures are key elements in a lot of cool alternative hairstyle for women, providing unique looks when done right.

Asymmetrical cuts are another great way to try some alternative haircuts, but make sure your stylist cuts very slow so you can always decide when a look is getting too extreme.

Alternative Hairstyles for Women Alternative Punk Short Haircut Alternative Punk Short Cropped Haircut Alternative Hairstyle Asymmetrical

Spiky Punk Short Alternative Hairstyles

For short hair, you can either sport an extreme pixie cut with your own color ideas or choose a spiky style, inspired by the classic punk look. Using mousse or hair gel you can easily create an alternative look without losing track of your feminine side.

Alternative Haircuts: Mohawk

With plenty of mohawk options to choose from, this is one of the alternative hairstyles that works in different ways for any hair length. You can go for a huge updo, contrast the mohawk with blunt or piecey bangs or choose to color the sides differently than the top.

Short Alternative Hairstyles: Shaved Sides

A feature of the classic mohawk that can be used in many different styles, the shaved sides, or just one shaved side, can help you achieve an edgy look when you’re also going alternative for the rest of your hair.

Alternative Hairstyles Undercut on Medium Hair Alternative Hairstyles Undercut Long on Top Alternative Hairstyles Full Rounded Bangs with Long Layers Alternative Hairstyles Modern Mullet Haircut

Alternative Hairstyles: Retro Look

If you just want to be different without getting too edgy, you can choose a more retro look for your alternative hairstyle. The most popular option is a retro curves fringe, but you should look up different styles popular throughout the ages to find the best one for you.

Alternative Hair Coloring

Highlights are a good start to coloring your hair in an alternative way, especially when they’re very different shades than your base. Combine highlights and lowlights for a tri-color look or go for the more unnatural colors like bright green or deep purple to make sure the coloring compliments any of the alternative hair styles you choose.

Before you commit to bleaching your dark colored hair to dye it in vivid hues, try a more temporary color solution to make sure the look is right for you.

Alternative Hair Color Dipped Ends Alternative Hair Color Pastels Alternative Hair Color Black and Grey Alternative Hair Color Multi Red and Purple

Photo courtesy of Sassoon Salon, HOB Salons, Gooseberry Hair Salon