Give a modern edge to your look with innovative hair color. Let yourself be mesmerized by the beauty of colorful ‘dos that make the best impression especially if you have the attitude to pull them off. These innovative hair color ideas for 2011 are perfect to perk things up a bit.

A punky touch is all you need if you long for a dramatic change in your hair color. Drop the traditional hair dyeing option and instead experiment with the latest color combo alternatives and techniques. Ask for the help of a pro hair stylist to grant you with a similarly dazzling hair tone as the examples below. If you’re still at the beginning of your hair colorist career, make sure you follow all the instructions of hair dyeing especially if you go for an at home hair coloring job.

by Christel Lundqvistby Hob Salonby Hob SalonHair by Chris Williams

Add a surprising touch to your locks by spotting some of the unconventional hair tone ideas as the ones above. Using green, orange or pink as the best shades to tint a few strands is one of the secret weapons to attract immediate attention with your upgraded look. Short and also midi as well as long locks look amazing when armed up with a similar bold hue. Check out these examples to see how these shades behave when matched with blonde, brunette or black hair. Make sure you adopt an open attitude towards hair styling and try out all the creative forms of hair coloring. Choose the best design from dip dyeing to chunky hair highlights, all techniques will work for those who are not afraid to show their creative side.

by Faroukby Faroukby Rae Palmerby Farouk

Less dramatic hair color ideas are also popular this season as these would help you get used to your new look. Red and purple as well as other natural looking hair tones are perfect to vamp up your look and still keep your do pretty wearable and all event-appropriate. Alternative hair coloring might not be for everyone, however, it seems that the first step towards being mesmerized is to dip your finger into this cookie jar. Taking advantage of the evolution of hair dyeing is the best means to keep our appearance versatile and up-to-the-minute with the latest trends.

Hair by Chris Williamsby Aveda Hair