Papa might preach that the glam and drama of the ’80s should be swept under the carpet. However this decade makes no exception when it comes of reinventing the past’s hairstyles.

Skimming through the album covers and music videos, some might be unable to stop laughing. Indeed it seemed as girls and guys competed to reach a larger than life height with their hairstyles.

Modern hair styling adopted lots and lots of tendencies from the neon years. Angles, asymmetrical cuts and voluminous styles are super-popular right now, and the fashion-junkies return to the basics and will at least once try out one of the ’80s inspired hairstyles and haircuts.

Big Hairstyles

Extravagance is the buzzword when referred to BIG, and I mean really big hairstyles. Far from being ultra-sophisticated ’80s inspired hairstyles boast volume and texture. Sleek hair was the greatest sin, a real no-no.

In the ’80s there were no limits in dimension and use of products, in fact hair was practically ‘glued’ into place by the huge amount of styling products. . Teasing combs, mousses and hairspray were must have tools of the ’80s hair styling kit.

80s inspired hairstyle80s inspired hairstyle

Asymmetrical Cuts

It would be way too simple to only tease hair, the trick of a dashing ’80s inspired hairstyle lies in both cut and color. Revolutionary neon colors were no1. favorites of the era.

Madonna and Cindy Lauper were only some of the fashion icons of the decade. No doubt their hairstyles became part of the most searched-for hairdos of the ’80s.

80s inspired hairstylesMullet Hairstyle

Rebellious haircuts flooded the streets, asymmetry was the fuzzword. Extremes were preferred by the mass, making super-long or short bangs a real hip accessory.

The Mullet

Mullet was the signature hairstyles of the ’80s. Still pulled off by loyal fans, short in front and top, long in the back, jazzed up with different hair accessories and variations. The frizziest the better ideal lived its heyday.

Adopt the ’80s inspired fashion and hairstyles to make the old the new trend.