The American actress Mary Ann Jackson was one of the first celebrities who adopted bob hairstyle, being followed later on by the silent film star Louise Brookers and by actress Clara Bow. Even the famous Coco Chanel went for this hairstyle.

Regardless the type of bob you are choosing, you must be careful to keep it shiny and that it always have a natural look. What is more amazing about this hairstyle is its versatility. Today you can adopt a playful look, tomorrow you can be a strong woman with a brilliant career, and in the evening you can play the passionate and sexy woman. And even though this is too short to be styled in complicated ways, it still offers plenty of possibilities of styling. However, don’t forget that attitude and self-confidence are the two main accessories that work great with a bob hairstyle.

One thing is fore sure when it comes to bob hairstyles, and that they flatter any face shape as they can be easily adapted. Moreover, this basic hairstyle works great for every age.

Classic bob. The classic bob without bangs is the most flexible haircut, which creates the illusion of body and volume into hair. This is the perfect option for busy women as it allows you a quick and easy styling just using a round brush. It doesn’t need special maintenance, it’s easy to dress and it matches to every face shape. A classic bob is highly recommended for women having straight hair. Nevertheless, it can still be adapted on curly hair and still look stunning.

Textured bob. This haircut is quite easy. A simple medium-length bob with side-swept bangs. The secret stands in the way you are dressing your hair. You shouldn’t use the blow dryer and let it dry naturally. Use hair mousse and insist on the ends. When it’s completely dried apply some hair wax on the ends, using your fingertips, gently twisting for a better defining.

Asymmetrical. This type of bob is a more feminine and nonconformist one which starts from the same length at the nape of the neck and continues unequally towards the chin. More precisely, the right side is long almost till the shoulders, while the left side stops at the chin level. It flatters round faces as it softens facial traits. The parting should be done on the opposite part of the longer side. Moreover, if you have graduated layers into your bob, you’ll add movement to the hair framing your face.

Retro. Starting from the crown of the head, with short bangs, this special bob has its origins on the well-fixed waves of the ’70s. The bangs start from the extreme part of the head and it gently curls on the forehead, covering just a small part of it. Use a round hair brush when drying your hair, and dry it beginning from the roots to the end for extra-volume. This retro look works great even if you don’t have bangs.

Jazzy. In this case, bangs play an important role. The shorter the better and with the ends of the hair on the interior. If you have a round or square face, it is advisable that the length of the haircut to pass the jawline. Thia is an elegant hairstyle expressing femininity and sensuality.