Your hairstyle is one important aspect of your look as it can totally change you. It can make you look younger, older, romantic or non-conformist. Sometimes you just start to get bored by your old hairstyle and you feel like trying something new, something bolder. In order to do this, you need to be courageous and dare to try some of the most edgiest hairstyles that can refresh your look and personality.

Straight, straight…

Choose a long blunt haircut with straight bangs covering the eyebrows. Go for blonde for a sexy look. Stay away from this hairstyle if you have an oval face. It works great for women having straight hair and brunettes as it lightens the skin a lot, offering style and originality. Bangs have this amazing gift of changing completely a face, they can hide and correct flaws, and in the same time they can enhance all the beautiful features of your face. However, make sure you find the perfect one for your face shape.


This is the hairstyle that celebrities love the most. It is rather an extreme haircut that flatters round faces. It is easy to maintain and is meant for busy women who are dedicated to their career and don’t have enough time to spend in front of the mirror. In order to add a bit of originality you can choose chopped bangs. For a bolder attitude, choose a red color for the hair. If you want to avoid a too masculine look, make sure that the hair on the sides is sufficiently long so you can tuck it behind the ears. These hairstyle works great for petite women with small feature. You can also choose the grown-out pixie, which is longer in the back with long bangs that you can tuck behind the ears. This hairstyle is perfect as it enhances the beauty of your face.


Short hair is very trendy this season. You just need a bit of courage and a few tips and tricks on how to choose the perfect short cut for your face shape. Dare and go for “à la garçon” French style. In this case choose a color for your hair that really flatters your skin complexion since the face will be the center of attention from now on. Regardless your age, this hairstyle works great for women having round, long or square face. It is very easy to take care of, you just need to wash it and you’re ready to go.


This hairstyle is rather an expression of your own personality. Therefore, you should think twice before choosing it as you need to feel comfortable with it. A short shag hair is the option for the boldest of you. Try a platinum blonde for this haircut. A short rock hairstyle means style and adjustment. You can get a retro and rock image inspired by the ’80s by choosing a short haircut with volume at the crown of the head.

Long bob

This hairstyle has been trendy the last season too. As it had such a big success during the cold winter days, it maintains its position for the hot sunny summer days. We certainly understand its popularity. It is versatile, fabulous, chic and it works great for any occasion. It offers a natural and soft look to everyone wearing it. Even though it is not too short, you might find it hard to cut your locks especially if you have longer hair. Still, a long bob can offer you a multitude of styling options from curls, waves, slight flips, or you can even cut bangs if you get bored. Therefore, from this point of view the long bob can be considered as being a safe cut.