Specialists say that women tend to make a transformation to their hair whenever something changes in their lives. A break-up represents an important step in everyone’s life. It’s a crucial moment when we start thinking of making some changes, whether we are talking about our hair color or getting a new haircut.

Long bob

Even after a break-up, there are women who don’t have enough courage to make a total change. However, a long bob hairstyle can be the perfect solution as it flatters everyone and works great for every hair type. Moreover, it is a hairstyle with low maintenance and it gives the opportunity to play with different styles and accessories.

Choosing a long bob will not only offer you a fresh new look, but you’ll feel feminine and independent. One way to style a long bob is by making romantic, retro curls. It just takes a few minutes to obtain feminine, luscious curls using hot rollers or a curling iron. Make sure you apply thermal spray or heat serum in order to avoid damaging your hair.

Asymmetrical bob

An asymmetrical bob is characterized by a shorter back hairline. It starts from the same length at the nape of the neck and it continues unequally towards the chin. Usually, the right side is longer at shoulder-length, while the left side stops at chin level. Make sure the parting is done in the opposite side of the long part. This type of bob is rather feminine and nonconformist, and it works well for every type of hair.

Curly short

You have always had long romantic curls, but maybe now it’s the perfect time for you to dare more and cut them off. If you are bold, a very short haircut will enhance a long neck and fine facial traits especially if you have an oval face. Have fun and get some highlights done into your curly hair. Choose highlights with one or two shades lighter that the color of your hair. If you are not ready for such a big change, a short bob is a less dramatic choice.

Super short

A super short haircut is the most dramatic option when it comes to the post-heartbreak hair change, especially if you have longer locks. If you choose a very short haircut, you should know that this works great for women having round, long or square face as it softens features. If you are petite and have delicate traits, a pixie haircut would flatter you the most. If you are looking for a more masculine hairstyle, why not to try a bowl cut? This is one of those hairstyles that must be worn with attitude. It best flatters oval, square and long faces.


Bangs can be that instant solution in order to fix a bad haircut or the perfect choice for a breakup change. Bangs are a relatively smoother way to make a transformation, yet you need to pay a lot of attention when choosing them. Full bangs work best for oval faces and wide foreheads, side swept bangs elongate the face, which makes them flattering for oval or square faces. Enhancing the beauty of a round or oval face with choppy bangs is the best option, while very short bangs are great for small, round or oval faces. You can add bangs to almost every type of hairstyle and you can accessorize them with different hair clips and headbands.