Side ponytails are incredibly versatile hairstyles for medium-length to longer hair. For a hotter look you can add messy curls, twists and braids to turn even the simplest side ponytail hairstyles into real fashion statements. If you’re only going out with friends, then straight side ponytail hairstyles are just perfect. For more special events, like proms and weddings, curly side ponytail hairstyles will create unique, sophisticated looks.

Straight Side Ponytail with a Twist

Classic straight side ponytail hairstyles get a twisty update, for a romantic yet and sexy look. If you want your straight side ponytail with a twist to amaze, then add in a cute hair accessory. Apply non-strike hair spray from BlowPro Blow Out on damp hair. Using a blow-dryer and a brush backcomb your hair and set it to one side. Divide hair into sections, one to create a simple soft straight side ponytail you’ll hold with an elastic band, and the other to add twists to this classic hairstyle.

Twisted Side PonytailVintage Twisted Side Ponytail

Section remaining hair into three strands you’ll diagonally twist to add to your straight side ponytail. Start at the top of your head, gently twisting the first strand, and then hold it with bobby pins. Continue with the second strand, at the ear level. The third one starts just above the nape of your neck. Once your straight side ponytail with a twist is finished, secure with a cute hair accessory. Mist Hair Stay medium hold spray from KMS California to keep your side ponytail with a twist looking fresh and sweet.

Curly Side Ponytail Hairstyles

Curly side ponytail hairstyles are very dramatic, but unbelievably beautiful. You’ll need just the right dress and makeup to compliment your chic side ponytail hairstyles. For those of you lucky enough to have natural curls, put Joico Curl Definer creme all over your wet hair and let your hair air dry.

Curly Side PonytailCurly Side Ponytail With Long Bangs

However, if your hair is straight, and you want to create curly side ponytail hairstyles, use the Sultra Bombshell Reverse Cone Rod curling iron and curl your entire mane without brushing the curls out. Gently twist your curly hair into a side ponytail, securing with bobby pins and as you go. If you want your curly side ponytail hairstyles to look a bit messy, rearrange a few of your curls – this works best with thin, layered long hair. Spritz on BlowPro’s strong hold finishing spray.

Side Ponytail Wedding Hairstyles

For brides wanting to look exquisite yet feminine, side ponytail wedding hairstyles are ideal. If you’re a future bride worried that your thin hair can’t do any magic tricks, curly side ponytail wedding hairstyles will add volume that will last throughout your entire special day. Choose to add twists or braids and have fun with hair jewelry!

Bridal Side Ponytail HairstyleWedding Side Ponytail Hairstyle