The honeys that love to have perfectly styled locks every time know that the easiest way to getting fab hair without actually cutting your locks is through the use of hair weaves. If you’re not great at cutting your own locks, 27 piece hairstyles are the answer to your hair problems.

27 piece hair styles have actually been created to deliver a full closure weave without having to worry about cutting the length of your tracks as they feature pre-cut short hair tracks with various lengths that you’ll glue on to a stocking cap that you’ve applied over molded down hair. The result is a fabulous, natural looking short crop, so no wonder that beauty enthusiasts have been going wild for the technique, in particular the darlings that know how to rock a short hairstyle but are not willing to say goodbye to their long hair length permanently.

by Ishokaby Royston Blytheby The Hair Studioby Junior Green

Now, 27 piece hairstyles in 2012 and 2013 are all about sexiness and the latest hair trends say that asymmetric short hairstyles and short pixie crops are the way to go when looking for an up-to-date look. To create an asymmetric crop which features a short length in the back and on one side of the head and stylish long, side swept bangs on the other, you’ll need a few extra, long length hair tracks that you can purchase individually and which you’ll cut to the desired length to ensure a perfect coverage and natural looking finish or you can try a 28 piece hair weave kit which can feature a bit of a longer length compared to the 27 piece hair weaves. Are you a statement making diva? Then you should definitely insert some stylishly colored hair tracks when you’re styling your bangs as a sexy color always makes heads turn, but keep the color limited, opting for a few peek-a-boo highlights appearance or a stylish color block effect as too much color can make your hair look tacky and unnatural.

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The great thing about asymmetric cuts is their versatility. 27 piece hairstyles made out of natural hair will enable you to play with the texture of your crop as well as its style, so experiment and keep your look ever-fresh by going for a contemporary 27 piece curly mohawk, 27 piece finger waves, a 27 piece curly or sleek straight style as either way you’ll look hot!

If you’re looking for something simpler, a stylish pixie or any other simple 27 piece short hairstyle that features a flawless application technique will do. It’s best to make sure your natural hair is completely covered and if you’re sporting a stylish short crop featuring an invisible part, you have to make sure not to keep a wide gap between the tracks and apply them so that the glued tracks are not visible. If the 27 piece hairstyle you’ve purchased doesn’t come with its own closure part, you can easily make your own so that it blends in perfectly with the rest of your hair. Just cut a section of the track using your sheers and glue the track circularly before you flat iron it to give it its shape.

The most popular shade women opt for is black, but you can go for other fab 27 piece hair style colors such as blonde, toffee, chocolate or any other shade that compliments your skin tone and style. Get creative and perfect your application skills and reveal the hottest short hairstyles using high quality, natural hair 27 piece weaves!