Hair color can really spice up your look, so take a peek at the following cool multi-tone hair color ideas and inspire yourself for your new look!

Hair color plays a very important role when it comes to style and physical appearance and there are a variety of hair color shades to choose from. Just because there are so many techniques and hair dyes available your options widen greatly, so you can find a cool hair color which suits you perfectly. If you are looking for a 2011 multi-tone hair color idea, take a peek at the following styles and inspire yourself for your new fabulous look.

You can try to adapt the hair color combo to the natural hair color, skin tone as well as to your personal preference and you can go simple or bold depending on what suits your style best. Here are the coolest 2011 multi-tone hair color ideas to inspire yourself as they look hot and can instantly give you that “kick” your hair lacks:

Hair by Web CollectionsHair by RushHair by Mark LeesonHair by Jakata

Red hair color combined with black or brunette hair looks amazing and there are a variety of red hair dye shades available to choose from. You can go simple by opting for a single red shade or you can combine different red shades for a cool look. Go for paneling or hair highlights, either way your red and black colored hair will look amazing.

Hair by RushHair by Mark LeesonHair by Web CollectionsHair by Rush

Pastel colored highlights, brown as well as black highlights look amazing regardless of the base color. Blonde is the color which reveals best the colors, but that doesn't mean that you can't give these shades a try if you have natural red or brunette hair. Even the slightest difference in hair color will show, so your tresses can benefit from a lovely interaction of light colors and darks.
Pastel highlights look great, but they are not for everyone, so make sure you don't mind being the center of attention as these highlights will definitely make you stand out. If you're into scene hair, add some stylish coontails along the highlights to underline your fab style.

Hair by Mark LeesonHair by RushHair by Mark LeesonHair by Mark Leeson

Fire red, orange/copper as well as purple pose as great options for a cool multi-tone colored hairstyle. These colors are usually applied through paneling and so only a chunk of hair will be colored, the rest of the hair will remain naturally colored (black, brunette, blonde, red). Go for one shade only or mix them to create a one of a kind color combo which will suit your style and skin tone perfectly. These colors look amazing and can boost the beauty of your hair sky-high.

Before you decide, consult with your hair stylist to ensure you are making the best decision!