The look is not a ‘bad hair’ day look, but more a ‘controlled’ updo, with lots of texture and movement. In order to create your version of the messy updo follow these guidelines. All you need is your fingers, a comb, some hair styling products, snag-free hair elastics and a few bobby pins. Before you would jump into the ‘messy’ business, prepare your tresses for the ‘do.

Back View of the Lanvin Updo Lanvin Bun Updo

Use a shine-boosting shampoo suitable for your hair color to give your hair a luxurious glow. Blow-dry hair smooth using a nozzle on your blow-dryer for maximum shine. Once your hair is totally dry, sweep it into a high pony and secure with a snag-free hair elastic. Then gently tease the pony in sections and blast with hairspray. Then wind the teased pony around to form a puffy bun and secure at the base.

Chanel Updo Chanel spring 2010 Hair

To do the Chanel look, gather hair into a ponytail using your hands rather than a brush for a more disheveled look, and secure with an elastic. Then grab sections of the pony, twist and secure with a bobby pin around the base of the ponytail. Use hair accessories to add a feminine touch and to dress up your messy updo keeping it sultry with a few loose, face-framing tendrils.