The 2010 runway bun hairstyles look absolutely adorable as they sport a different look than what we have been used to seeing so far. Looking at the fashion podiums for inspiration can be great as hairstylists usually create interesting and new hairstyles to suit the fashion trends of the moment.

Bun hairstyles have always created an elegant look, a look which can easily be created on any type of hair as long as the hair’s length allows being pulled upwards to be styled in place. There is a variety of bun hairstyles to choose from and the most common bun hairstyles were the messy bun and the ballerina bun hairstyles. Their low maintenance, easy styling procedure and beautiful look made them highly popular among women of all ages.

It seems that the 2010 runway bun hairstyles are meant to bring something new and transmitting a certain sophisticated urban chic feel. Depending on your preference, style as well as hair length you can choose from the following new bun hairstyles featured on the podium of some of the most respected fashion designers of the world.

Sleek straight and high ballerina inspired buns look absolutely fabulous and they can easily be created using a hair elastic and a few bobby pins. The hair is pulled high up using a fine tooth comb and set in place using a hair elastic. The remaining ponytail is twisted in one side and wrapped around the base of the pony. The bun is set in place using a few bobby pins at the base of the bun. This look works beautifully for women who have a perfectly proportioned head.

Marc Jacobs 2010 Marc Jacobs

Teased bun hairstyles look adorable and trendy as they help create a very feminine and sophisticated look. The hair is pulled back and secured on top of the head using a hair elastic. The ponytail created is teased and set in place using hairspray. Thick hair strands are selected and their ends are pined until a rounded bun is created. Hair accessories applied on the hair look absolutely fabulous.

Luella 2010 Lanvin 2010

Futuristic styled bun hairstyles look great and are perfect for women who love to be sophisticated and unique with their hairstyle. This type of bun hairstyle is twisted and set in the desired place. The buns have a very interesting look which captures attention instantly.

Andrew GN Narciso Rodriguez

Choose to experiment with the 2010 runway bun hairstyles so you can look fabulous and innovative with your hair as often as you wish. Photos via