Remember the worst men hairstyles of the past? Find out which are the weird men hairstyles trends of the past decades.

Men hairstyles went through dramatic changes in the past 30 years. Some of the vintage tendencies were re-invented by modern hair stylists, however there are haircuts that are regarded part of the world heritage still should be swept under the carpet.

The worst men hairstyles apparently conquered thousands of fans along the years. Quiffs, mullets and flattop hairstyles was a huge trend in hairstyles and some apparently can't shake them off even after almost 30 years.

To find out more about those glorious days, it is worth skimming through the worst men hairstyles of the past that still manage to draw a smile on our face.

The mullet and the rattail are without a doubt hairstyle masterpieces. Shaved or trimmed on the sides and left longer in the back, these proved to be just perfect for those who couldn't decide whether to go short or keep their precious long strands.

The modern version of the mullet still lives on jazzed up with a nice twist this hairstyle remained sought-after even after all these years. Nowadays not only boys but also girls tend to adopt this style.

Celebrities also boosted the fame of mullets and rattails and joined the huge crowd of fans. Billy Ray Cyrus is just one of the mullet fan celebrities, who is stuck in his signature hairstyle for years.

Billy Ray Cyrus mullet hairstyleRobert smith goth hairstyleflat top haircut

Besides the earlier mentioned 'horrendous' men hairstyles we can also mention the big Goth 'do inspired by the great bands of the past decades as The Cure. Lead singer Robert Smith is the forefather of the Goth hair movement.

Ultra-popular in the past sported by style-conscious gents. The goth hairdo indeed seems to be the grandfather of the hairstyle sported by Russel Brand, pulled off just as stylishly only without the loads of makeup.

High towers or Fresh Prince hairdos were the peak of the pop hair styling. Characterized by a flattop, I mean really flat and shaved sides. In fact it is the upgraded version of a higher crew cut.

The flattop hairstyle was and is, also very popular not only in the army and navy but also on the street. As a practical hairstyle due to the super-geometrical top more and more people seem to enjoy sporting it. Kurt Russel's hairdo illustrates the fine lines and sharp edges.

Metal hair launched another craze, when guys started to tease their tresses, higher and higher. Looking back into the past, these hairstyles might seem feminine moreover pretty kinky. However in the '80s 'big' meant 'wild' and wild meant METAL! Nikki Sixx's hair reflects the hair aspirations of the generation.