Bob hairstyles and especially the long bob also known as ‘lob’ hairdo is one of the favorite choices of celebrities. Their sophisticated look offers a source of inspiration for those who would like to combine their medium tresses with the bob haircut.

Styling your hair into a similar do will offer you numerous options to sport your strands. Curly and super-sleek, side or middle-parted lob hairstyles look just as miraculously as the shorter and classic prototype.

As an evergreen presence on the red carpet, the bob induced more and more prominent figures and style divas to make the cut. Indeed, there’s no need to say goodbye to the longer style when here’s the chance to have a 2 in 1 hairdo. Those who crave for angelic curls should use the curling iron with confidence since the length of the hair as well as the tighter or loose texture of the waves will add volume and definition to the tresses.

Showing off with the length of your sparkling tresses can be easily done by sporting your hair ultra-sleek. The shoulder-sweeping hairstyles work miraculously for all face shapes and hair textures. Whether you pair it with bangs or simply leave it even, mono-layered, the angles and fine lines of the hairdo will come to light in every circumstances. More, the symmetrical cut will allow the hair to growth in a sophisticated and well-defined form if you decide to stretch the next session at the hair salon.

The medium strands will adapt to your preferences for versatile hairstyles. Style your hair into fabulous updos or half up half down dos according to your mood. If you look for a more casual and Boho style, wear your strands sleek, messed a bit into a fashionable low maintenance bob hairstyle.

Those who prefer the tousled or more texturized curls might opt for the wavy long bob. The hairstyle can be sported with side-swept bangs and also with a simple and chic side-parting. Let the curly tresses add a frame to your face and shape the hair either in tighter or loose locks according to the impression you want to create. Secure the strands by using the appropriate styling tools and products. Be careful, don’t exaggerate, since too much mousse or gel would only weigh down the voluminous statement waves.

These two chameleonic celebrities illustrate how to sport a wavy long bob hairstyle worth of red carpet and applause. Steal the show by topping the overall effect appealing to hair accessories as hairpins or hairbands that will further upgrade your look. The curly aspect will give your strands that breath-taking natural glow.

Use your hair styling skills to create unique hairdos and shape your tresses according to the latest trends. Steal the tricks of these chic celebrities who offer great examples on how to pair the curly or super-sleek long bob with both casual and more relaxed as well as glamorous and red carpet looks. Pair the length of your hair and your bangs to your features and juggle with the proportions in order to show your best.