Trendy hairstyles don’t take age into account as beauty is timeless and ageless, so paying attention from early years to how you look can only bring you benefits, as long as you’re not obsessing about your look. The modern era has brought to the surface a variety of cool and trendy hairstyles to choose from and if you’re looking for a cute hairstyle to suit your teen spirit, check out the following stylish teen celebrity hairstyles for 2011.

Give your look a total transformation by playing with your length and texture and don’t hesitate to experiment and wear hairstyle with confidence. Fashionistas everywhere know the importance of a great looking hairstyle, so prep your tools and start styling:

Sometimes casual hairstyles can be adjusted to suit formal occasions, so if you’re all about simplicity and natural beauty, turn your attention towards side swept hairstyles as well as stylish low ponytails. However, your hair texture plays a determining role as far as the beauty of these hairstyles go, so try to enhance your hair texture or transform your look by going either straight, wavy or curly, depending on personal preference. This way your hair will radiate beauty and set properly as you desire. Inspire yourself from the fab hairstyles rocked by Selena Gomez and Chloe Moretz as they are both fresh, simple and suitable for any occasion.

Another great way to upgrade your look is by opting for a stylish updo just like Zendaya Coleman, or a sweet and fabulous vintage bob hairstyle just like the one worn by Chloe Moretz.Updo hairstyles have made a huge comeback and there are a variety of cool and trendy updos you can try. A stylish hair accessory added to your look can complete your stylish appearance, so don’t hesitate to discover the benefits and beauty of hair accessories. The bob is a timeless and ageless hairstyle that will always make a statement. Opt for a faux-bob if you have a longer hairstyle, and give it a vintage glam style just like Chloe so that you can grab all the attention!

Naturalness is a highly popular concept in 2011, so opt for a simple hairstyle that oozes style. Use appropriate hair products to give your locks a super-sleek look, a wavy style or a gorgeous curly look, as either way your tresses will make you look fresh and fabulous. The longer your hair, the better the results, so keep your hair in healthy condition through a proper hair care routine and let your hair catapult you to perfection! Victoria Justice and Bella Thorne know that sometimes naturalness can bring them more benefits than any sophisticated ‘do, so take their example into consideration and enhance your hair texture for a lovely look. Use a flat iron to add that glossy-sleek straight look that dazzles, and a wide barrel curling iron to add more oomph to your hair.

Photo courtesy of Getty Images, PR Photos