The world renowned Italian actress, Sophia Lauren, was born in 1934 and by the late ’50’s she was an international movie star. She was known for her beauty and style, quickly becoming a sex symbol of the world.

Sophia Loren was considered to be a glamorous, powerful and sophisticated woman. Many women all over the world tried to copy her beautiful hairstyle but no one seemed to look as glamorous as she did. No matter the length of her hairstyle, short or long, she always knew how to style her hair in order to accentuate her beautiful facial features. From short to long hairstyles and updo hairstyles, Sophia Loren always looked her best. Her hairstyles always seemed to exude femininity and sensuality. She was one of the women who knew the power of sensuality, this is why she is still the muse of a lot of designers and hair stylists.

sophia loren updo sophia loren

Sophia Loren wore her hair with glamorous and seductive voluminous loose curls. The curls can be obtained using hair rollers or large barrel curling irons. When she attended certain events her updos made her look outstanding and sophisticated. The simple updo hairstyles she chose kept a little bit of hair volume and looked stunning even though simple.

She is still an inspiration even today when it comes to hairstyle and fashion style. Hollywood celebrities are still trying to copy her beautiful style. Celebrities like Eva Mendes, Charlize Theron, Angelina Jolie looked dazzling with Sophia Loren inspired hairstyles.

Charlize Theron Updo eva mendez updo

This fair skin Italian beauty will always remain an icon and a muse when it comes to vintage hairstyles.