The hairstyle trends of the year offered several surprises. Who would have thought that the cascading curls will live in such a fabulous harmony with short crops and even punkish shaved-head. Indeed, creative hair styling knows no barriers. This is how the half-shaved hairdos conquered the red carpet. More and more celebrities seem to engage into this fashion craze due to the hybrid nature of the look.

Those who don’t want to wave goodbye to their tresses might opt for a tiny shaved spot under the locks. However, there are others who seem to be pleased only when the razored section is exposed and feel brave enough to sport this edgy hairdo. Either way, apparently the femininity on the edge is just as popular as the romantic and humble one.


Regardless of hair length, shaved-head hairstyles seem to require no extra-effort when styling, exposing one side of the face will add a mysterious and more subtle flair to your look. Besides being a carefree hairstyle as Kelis and Rihanna demonstrate, it is the perfect means to boost your look and immediately jump into the spotlight.

These two R’n’B divas managed to add a refined and groovy style to their short tresses by shaving one or both sides of their hair. As a result, their facial features earned most of the attention. If you’re looking for a trick that would further upgrade your short do, don’t hesitate to make the shave!

Cassie Alice Dellal

Cassie’s decision to shave one side of her head and with it the cascading tresses was undoubtedly ‘at least said’ surprising. However, it seems that there is vital to have confidence before you follow her example since it’s not a piece of cake to sport a similar do. Far from being the first one who experimented with this styling technique, Cassie was way earlier outpaced by Alice Dellal, the British model who landed the shaved-head hairstyle on the catwalk.

Indeed, her punk-inspired look served as the perfect prototype to be copycatted. She also seems a devotee of this non-conformist hairdo and refuses to mask it even while wearing the great creations of fashion gurus. Their look proves that long hair can look just as dazzling with a shaved head.

Amelle Berrabah Selma Blair

Celebrities manage to combine romance and punk glam in a voguish hairdo. It seems that neither Hollywood nor the pop business is devoid of enthusiastic and brave volunteers to try the shaved-head hairstyle. The ‘Sugababes’ diva Amelle Berrabah and also well-known actress Selma Blair tried out the new craze pairing it with long bangs and choppy layers. Selma’s do bares the signs of a textbook style punk hairdo whereas that of Amelle still follows the romantic and classy hair styling principles. Both of them take hair dressing to another more perfected level.

Amber Rose Solange

Celebrity confidence has no limits when it comes to shaved hairstyles. Amber Rose and Solange demonstrated that there’s nothing less embarrassing and more feminine than sporting some minuscule crops and expose the whole face for public admiration. Indeed, both of them succeeded in popularizing the style to an extent that more and more ladies begin flirting with the idea of having a similar hairdo. Indeed, the best way to earn standing ovation is to match this hairdo to your face shape and features.