After arriving on the music scene with long locks, Rihanna experimented with various short haircuts. If you’re looking for a fresh look, get inspired by Rihanna’s best short haircuts that created some of her most iconic looks.

From pitch black to honey blonde, the singer has tried a lot of colors and combinations of colors, but Rihanna’s short haircuts are what got her a lot of praise from the fashion critics.

Rihanna’s Asymmetrical Bob

The bob is one of Rihanna’s best short haircuts and the Barbadian beauty started wearing it in 2007, in different variations.

The ones that got the most praise are the asymmetrical bob and the inverted bob she sported flawlessly, on her natural black hair.

Side View Of Rihannas Bob HaircutRihanna First Asymmetric Bob HaircutRihanna Short Layered Bob With Side BangsRihanna Short Bob With Bangs 2007

Rihanna’s Bob with Bangs

A different version of the bob was the classic one with long thick bangs that went below her eyebrows. More symmetrical, this type of bob perfectly suited the shape of her face and she chose to wear it with makeup that accentuated both her eyes and her lips, for an edgy Rihanna short hair look that paid off.

Rihanna’s Fauxhawks

Rihanna Blonde Fauxhawk HairstyleRihanna Blonde Fauxhawk Side ViewRihanna Mohawk With Blonde HihlightsBack Of Rihannas Fohawk

Rihanna experimented with different styles of the mohawk over the year, including the fauxhawk, but she was never afraid to shorn the sides for an edgier look. From the most popular of Rihanna’s short haircuts, this was one of the most high-maintenance looks.

Back Of Rihannas Short HairRihanna Short FauxhawkRihanna Curly Fohawk Hairstyle Side ViewRihanna Sexy Fauxhawk Hairstyle

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Rihanna’s Edgy Updos

Sporting a sculptured updo in 2008, Rihanna kept her look feminine with bright pink lips and soft eye makeup. She’s also tried wavy and curly updos, most of which ended up on the list of Rihanna’s short haircuts that created many fashion trends.

Rihanna Blonde Curly MohawkRihanna Blonde Curly FauxhawkRihanna Mohawk HaircutRihanna With Curly Fauxhawk Hair

Rihanna’s Curly Crops

Even if the singer seems to prefer straight hair, she’s tried different variations of the curly crop with lots of texture over the years, most of them being considered feminine and stylish.

Rihanna Two Tone HaircutRihanna Short Bob Side ViewRihanna Bowl Cut HairstyleRihanna Bowl Cut Short HairRihanna Short Red Hair With Shaved SidesRihanna Shaved Head Hairstyle

Rihanna’s Bowl Cut

The edgiest look that didn’t get much traction, the bowl cut hairstyle first joined the Rihanna short hair hall of fame in 2009 with a caramel tint, then returned in 2010 with bright red hues and completely shaved sides and back. This isn’t one of Rihanna’s short hairstyles that most women could sport, but the singer managed to pull it off.

Rihanna Short Layered PixieRihanna Layered Pixie Haircut

Rihanna’s Super Short Cropped Pixie

In September 2012, the latest hair surprise was a super short cropped pixie. Worn with an elegant dress and red lips, the short hairstyle still managed to remain feminine, joining Anne Hathaway’s short pixie in the list of the best short hair looks of 2012.

Rihanna Short Pixie HairstyleRihanna Short Hair Side And BackRihanna Short Curly Hair 2013Rihanna Short Curly Hairstyle

Rihanna’s Mullet Haircut

In August 2013, Riri went back to her natural locks, wearing it short, black and curly. To edge it up a bit, she switched to a choppy layered mullet with close cropped sides and multi-layered top layers. 

Rihanna Short Mullet HairstyleRihanna Choppy Mullet Hairstyle

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