It seems that Rihanna has been inspired once again when it comes to her look as she has switched her new blonde locks in favor of a cool and glossy black color that compliments her style perfectly. The diva, who seems to be able to rock all styles, displayed proudly her new hairstyle and hair color on her Twitter account, so all her fans could see her new look. Along with the new color, RiRi chose to switch things up by adding a cool undercut to the left side of her head. Posing like a true rock-chick, Rihanna swished her long black colored locks to the right side of her head to expose her brand new, cool undercut.

The closely trimmed area around her temple and ears is however not as bold as the hairstyles the diva has gotten us used to in the past. Rihanna is known for her penchant for fashion and style, so she constantly manages to reinvent and shock her fans with her creative hair and fashion looks.

Although the diva has experimented with shorter hairstyles in the past, she tells her fans via Titter that she’s not prepared to chop off her long locks, at least not yet although she does miss the times when she was donning her fierce short crops.

In the photographs she posted on Twitter, Rihanna posed seductively donning a cool cropped T-shirt and black and red animal print pants that matched perfectly her sizzling style. The Barbadian singer seems to enjoy following this undercut trend that has inspired an array of celebrities from Cassie to Jada Pinkett Smith, but we can’t help but wonder for how long as Rihanna has gone in a very short period of time through a spectrum of hairstyles and hair colors that ranged from short to long and from black to red, blonde and back, so we can’t wait to see what the diva has up her sleeve next as far as her hairstyles go!

Photos courtesy of Rihanna Twitter