Rihanna’s New Bob Hairstyle

I think the bob hair looks fabulous on Rihanna, it suits her face. If there is just one new hairstyle you decide to pick this year, opt for a great bob. It is a low maintenance cut that can be styled with ease. She took a classic cut, added her own unique twist and totally reinvented the hairstyle.

Within days, women all over the world were at their salons requesting this fabulous cut.

Get the Look!Although the Bob has been around for many years and will always be a timeless look, the new bob takes this hairstyle to an exciting new level. The wonderful thing about the new bob is that it is uniquely tailored to suit each woman’s individual facial features and hair type. With just a few minor adjustments you can tailor this look for yourself. Anyone can wear a Bob and look as chic and trendy as Rihanna in her new video.If you are thinking about having your hair cut into a hip new Bob, the first thing to do is visit your salon for a consultation.

You want to make sure the cut you end up with suits your facial features and hair type.

Have your stylist look at the shape of your head and jaw line and together you can come up with the Bob that will suit you best. However, you may need a different variation of this cut to flatter you the most.

The Bob is the perfect cut no matter what you’re doing in a day. It can be worn for a casual lunch or styled up for an evening out.


Start by shampooing with a product that is designed for your hair type, texture and condition. Towel dry and apply a leave-in conditioner, mousse or styling cream. While blow drying, wrap hair around a barrel brush to create fullness and movement. Once the hair is fully dry, complete the look with styling wax shine on the ends to create definition on the edges. Lightly mist with hairspray for hold.

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