Rihanna, the world renowned singer from Barbados has managed to amaze everyone with her transformation fashion as well as hairstyles wise. Rihanna’s hairstyles transformation has managed to circle the world as being so diverse with hairstyling and making the right choice every single time is not easy.

Rihanna started her career with gorgeous long tresses which however did not make her stand out too much. Her long Rihanna’s hairstyles transformation has helped her become a true style icon as she is one of the most powerful, confident and stylish women in the entertainment business today. 

Making radical changes when it comes to hairstyles is not easy as making the wrong choice can be a disaster because the wrong hairstyle can emphasize all your flaws.

Rihanna decided to make a complete transition and she decided to choose hairstyles that suit her personality best. Her facial features which are very feminine and her oval face shape allowed Rihanna to experiment with a variety of styles which suited her perfectly. Her most memorable hairstyles are:



Rihanna’s asymmetric bob stunned everyone as it suited fer facial features perfectly. The longer layered length on one side of the head gave the classic bob an upgraded modern style that make women go wild for this cut. Her black colored tresses gave her curly as often as she desired.


Rihanna’s asymmetric short haircut added a little bit of a punk style to her tresses due to the short cut created on the sides of the head and the considerable long length allowed on top. The hair’s longer length was subtly pulled to the side allowing Rihanna to benefit from a great amount of versatility.

Rihanna’s bowl shape hairstyle looked fabulous on her especially as the light, multi toned color of her tresses helped enhance the cut of the hair. The hair was however not your traditional bowl cut hairstyle as she added a little bit of a twist to it by cutting the hair on the side of the head shorter and pulling the hair on top downwards.


Rihanna’s newest and definitely one of her best so far is the barber-style haircut. The hair on the sides of the head is razor cut and the hair on top is allowed to have a uniform longer length. The red shade of the hairstyle enhances the cut and makes her stand out.

A true icon and a definite DO COPY, Rihanna’s hairstyles will definitely set the new trends when it comes to hair styles.