Nowadays it is indeed a piece of cake to find a hair icon worth following. Pixie Lott is one of the rising stars of the music stage that managed to conquer the heart of millions of fans both with her natural born singing talent and her enchanting looks and cute hair styles. Offering the best examples on how to take advantage of hair styling alternatives cascading strands really offer, she pulled off and even proved to be the forerunner of the headband and braided hair trends.

These both illustrated in the pics below furnish us with the best blueprint to follow when enriching the parade of hair style options both for special occasions and casual and even sportswear. These ideas also show us that blonde hair color is as versatile as other shades and can be jazzed up in the blink of an eye with stylish dark roots, multi-tonal highlights and other techniques. These are some of the most inspiring Pixie Lott looks.

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Pixie is a real admirer and master of Bohemian hair styles that also furnish us with the best inspiration for the festival season and the warm months. These heat-proof hair styles tune us for a Romantic outing on the beach as well as the concert of our favorite band. Braided bangs as well as hair accessories as cute headbands and flowers braided into the locks are some of the easy and flirty dos we can also experiment with especially when keen to take advantage of the length of the hair. Condition your tresses with a cocktail created of the best hair care products and make sure your hair has what it needs to look stunning and hydrated.

The young hair style icon is also fan of natural looks, therefore, as often as possible she appeals to the light sleekish and also wavy structure of her hair. The versatile additional details manage to add the desired and voguish flair to her locks both when it comes to red carpet events as well as casual appearances. Look for the adventurous and at the same time alluring hair styles Pixie Lott offers you as an example of hairdos worth of a real style icon. Look for choppy layers as well as a dainty hair color often further boosted with the ‘grown-out’ roots that stay true to the Boho chic style the artist promotes.


As it was expected, the parade of hair styles popularized by this rising starlet can be further enriched by the glamorous red carpet looks that might deserve a whole new chapter. Glossy vintage ringlets as well as the messy bun crowned with a refined and urban chic headbands all make the perfect recipes to bring out the glamor-puss from the Boho fan artist. These dos are some of the simplest and easy-to-copycat formal hair styles that can be also adapted to long and medium strands. Choosing the best hair accessories as well as relying on the power of some of the simplest grooming techniques grant you with an A-lister look.

Follow Pixie’s footsteps and wear your hair down or tie your locks up in a cute bun or twisted loose updo and don’t forget the must have hair part that also help you juggle with the proportions and symmetry of your face. Take a glimpse at these fashionable hair styles and make sure you keep these in mind when heading for a big event. Pixie Lott proved that she is one of the worth-admiring artists to keep an eye on when it comes to both performance as well as hair style ideas. Grab your styling kit and start recreating the luscious looks.