The fame of the Geldof family is further sprouted by the splendor craze that surrounds the Pixie and Peaches sister act. The juvenile socialites managed to become some of the most sought-after celebrities in the business.

As the quintessential VIP guests of all the smashing parties in and out of Hollywood, Pixie and Peaches Geldof succeeded to earn the homage and love of the mass. Flashing their not-at-all resembling style-consciousness these girls launched real hairstyle and fashion trends sporting either their cheap chic outfits or the high brow attires. Hemming and hawing between extremes is their signature trait, constantly amazing the public with the unpredictable appearances.

When it comes of Geldof girls hairstyles it must be mentioned that though these ladies are undoubtedly sisters, their look differs to an astonishing extent. As an apparent go for the gold battle Pixie and Peaches to the delight of the fans, makes a sport of pulling off different and all time dazzling hairstyles, colors and haircuts.

Earning the title of hairstyle chameleons the Geldof kiddies scored the high regards of fashion gurus as well as teens.

Pixie Geldof Blonde Pixie Geldof Ash Blonde

Pixie surprisingly as her name reveals sports some edgy, true-to-a-model hairstyles that manage to attract the popping eyes. Indeed her style is best characterized by a no-hairstyling look, however it seems that the color combos and makeovers she uses reflect her rebellious personality. Moreover wigs are no taboo subject for the younger Geldof who seems to experiment with all the lengths and hairstyles to reflect her fashion-forwardness.

Pixie Geldof Hairstyle Pixie Geldof Black Hair

The young rising model and socialite seems to find extreme pleasure in testing her limits and launching on a chromatic journey to try all the shades of the rainbow on her tresses. The asymmetrical cuts and sharp angles add definition to her girlie features further enhancing her porcelain fair skin. Living on the wild side of life Pixie Geldof will further dumbfound the fashion world with brand new looks.

Peaches Geldof Brown Hair Peaches Geldof Hairstyle

The Geldof girls are really colorful personalities in the widest sense of the world. Peaches Geldof is indeed the one who plays on the romantic side when it comes of looks. Sporting some stunning updos with her cascading tresses is a signature look that made her worth envying among the teens.

Nourishing the family tradition she also engages into quick and radical makeovers when it comes of hair color. Going from light to dark from blunt to layered hairstyles Peaches manages to strip off the ‘Other Geldof Girl’ title and become a real shining star in the celebrity world.

Peaches Geldof Blonde Peaches Geldof Brunette

Look at these hairstyles following the latest trends in both color and cut. Pixie and Peaches are among the top hairdo innovators who flash their youthful attitude to fashion with their once low-maintenance other times tip-top polished strands. Sir Geldof can be proud of his blossoming daughters as the spotlight is targeted at them.