After making their TV debut on the reality show “Tiny and Toya”, the OMG Girlz have become idols for many young girls thanks to their cool style. OMG Girlz hairstyles are some of the most daring and colorful hairstyles for teens we’ve seen lately, so no wonder that every teen’s keen on copying their style!

For the past two years, the OMG (“Officially Miss Guided”) Girlz band formed by Zonnique Pullins (Miss Star), Bahja Rodriguez (Miss Beauty) and Breaunna Womack (Miss Babydoll), have enchanted the eyes and ears of the American public. The three Atlanta based teenage girls are famous for their cool hairstyles and their bright hair colors, which they credit for attracting a lot of their fans.

“I definitely see us as role models to young girls. They look up to us. First they see the colored hair and then they want the colored hair. They get to know us and they’re like, “Wow I wanna be like her when I get older.”, Miss Beauty explained to

Check out a few of the best OMG Girlz hairstyles pictures and find out more about each Miss’ special style.

Zonnique Pullins Omg Girlz Hair Color

OMG Girlz Hairstyles – Miss Star

17 year old Zonnique Pullins, also known as OMG Girlz’ Miss Star is famous for her long blue tresses. Known for not being shy when it comes to hair color changes, Miss Star has tried plenty of different looks before settling on her preferred vivid shades of blue.

Miss Star generally wears her hair curly and loose, but she’s also experimented with updos, half braided styles and soft punk hairstyles. Along with the cool blue base color, Zonnique also experimented quite a bit with her OMG Girlz hair color, adding purple highlights as well as yellow streaks in her hair. Her blue base blonde tresses were also an inspirational choice as the contrasting tones added an edgy yet totally feminine allure to her look.

Bahja Rodriguez Omg Girlz Pink Hair ColorBahja Rodriguez Omg Girlz Fuchsia Hair Color

OMG Girlz Hairstyles – Miss Beauty

The 19 year old Bahja Rodriguez has also been quite adventurous when it comes to OMG Girlz hair color. After wearing her hair in ombre two-tone styles for a long time, including blonde/fuchsia and brown/fuchsia, and adding blue and yellow highlights, Miss Beauty has settled on bright pink as her color of choice.

OMG Girlz Hairstyles – Miss Babydoll

With cool royal purple hair, Miss Babydoll (17), has her fair share of hair experiments, including light purple. Some of the most iconic OMG Girlz hairstyles were created by Miss Babydoll, thanks to her love for blunt bangs.

After dropping two singles in 2012 – Gucci This (Gucci That), Where the Boys At? – and appearing in T.I.’s video for “Hello”, the OMG Girlz are getting ready to launch their first album and that may very well include a change of look so be sure to check out the brand new OMG Girlz hairstyles and colors.

Omg Girlz HairOmg GirlzBreaunna Womack  Zonnique Pullins  Bahja Rodriguez Omg Girlz HairOmg Girlz Hair Color

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Photos: Getty Images, omggirlz, Twitter